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Fan Fiction > Your Habit And My Concern

Your Habit And My Concern

Author : ismomos
Published : 01 Sep 2014, Updated : 01 Sep 2014
Cast : Kim Jong Hyun - Kim JiSook (OC)
Tags :
Status : Ongoing
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Your Habit and My concern
CHAPTER 1 : 1 Of 1

"dul...set!! Annyeonghaseyo, We are SHINee,!!" The boys said in unison. The girl who interviewed them was looking very happy as they said that. And then, they were ready for some interview.

I just stand near them, leaning on the wall studying their faces and expression in front of the camera. Seeing their fake smiles and all. How can they change so fast in front of the camera also kinda annoying me. *laughs*

Working as one of SHINee's coordinators is pretty tiring but totally fun. more over when one of them ask me out. Yep. I am Kim Jonghyun's, SHINee's lead vocal real girlfriend. The manager even approve us to be together which i found it was weird. When i asked him why he allowed us dating , "I feel more comfortable my kids dating with people I know really well and can keep my eyes on,"

tsk... such a creeper =="

I walked back to the dressing room. hanging out with Eunsa unnie and Jeehwa, the other SHINee cordinators. We had 3 people in charge of their clothes and some 2other (plus me) whose in charge with their make up. We tidy up the plastic bags and arrange the lunch for them. Being a teen idol makes them always eat on the Dressing room like this. Eating in rush between schedules, kinda makes my heart hurt if I saw them like that tho :(

"FINALLY FINISHED!!" Onew roarred and got in first to the dressing room and slumped himself on the couch. While the rest tailing behind him and slumping theirself on the couch also.

We as their coordinators must rushed to remove their make ups as they should move to another schedule. but Today, there's no more schedule except for Onew who should rushed to go to his musical

"tired?" I asked Jonghyun as i walked up to him, he  let out a cold grunt and rolls his eyes,

"of course! can you see how terrible i looked like behind this make up?" Jonghyun pouted at me as I started to remove his make up from his face

"Oh yeah, you looked awful. eew gross~" i gagged and he hit my thigh lightly

"HA HA HA," he sastically replied, I just keep rubbing the cotton with make up remover along his perfectly sculptured face.

His perfect jawline, and nose bridge makes my heart beat even just touching it like this. I stared at his perfect face, that to-die for look and I almost can't believe that i actually 'own' him. My face got red as he realize that I was taking my time slowly with removing the make up while observing his handsome face. He let out a childish grin

"Enjoying what you see?"

"h-huh, What?" I blushed, not looking at him while lapping the cotton to his neck

"I said," jonghyun hold my working hands and brought it back to his face from his neck, resting it on his cheek "Do you enjoy what you see?" he grinned seductively

"Well, yeah," I nodded and looked away.

I could feel my cheeks getting hotter as I said this, he chuckled once again and pull me closer to him until i was standing right beside his chair

"Then lean in. ....kiss me,"he pucker up his lips. my eyes widen as he said that and wanting to move away from near him. But his right hand got my waist and keeping me close to him

"Jjong please, not here...."

"Come on, i wont let you go if you didn't do it," he tighten his grip on my waist. I was feeling embarassed and my face maybe looking like a cooked crab right now.

I leaned in, ready for giving him a kiss when a cough distracting me from it

"hello there love birds~ there's an underage kid here~" it was minho and he was standing behind taemin's chair, closing the maknae's eyes.

"Ah~ hyung! I want to see!!"

"Yah! Lee taemin! you can't! Umma will punish you later!!" Key joined minho and clasped their hands on the younger who keeps wriggling to release from his hyun's grasp. I stood up straight and shaking my head and continue what i was doing before. Of course removing the make up from Jonghyun's face. He pouted like a child, I giggled at him,

"Later," I whispered on his ear and gave him a light peck on the cheek. I can see his expression turn twice much brighter than before from the mirror.


Eventhough I am 24/7 always hanging around the boys, but I do have my concerns. especially Jonghyun who's now probably getting more and more popular. Finally those girls understand Jonghyun's charm which i already fell since the first time we met.

I looked over him who's walking towards our car while sipping on my Heavenly Blush yogurt. How can people resist his puppy smile? his charming voice? his amazing body even though he's short? and.... his nice attitude towards girls tha-

"jonghyun sshi~!"

 I saw someone calling him when we were about to leave the building. It was 4minute's Gayoon. I eyed them as Jonghyun welcomed her sweetly and they were talking about something, secluding himself from the group

Gayoon is really pretty, inside and out. I talked to her accidentaly once on a public concert as she helped me gather the drink bottles for the boys. She’s like the city girl that you can never sit with. Good personality, smart, sophisticated and most important, she’s loaded. Heard that her family is one of the most powerful family in Korea.

Even though it’s hard to admit but looking at her standing close to my boyfriend looks... good? They looked good together, as bitter as it may sound. I huffed and throw the empty bag of Heavenly blush yogurt drink rather harshly on the bin,

"O-oh o-oh~ someone is jealous~~~~" i turn my head to key who's poking my shoulder and teasing

"sssh!" i put a finger to my mouth, motioning that he should stop, "low down your voice babo,! And fyi, I am not!"

"rrrweeally noona~~~?" now it's taemin nudging my shoulder and teasing me, i just rolled my eyes on him

"I'm fine, I'm used to this," I sighed

"I don't think so.." Minho shaking his head and looking on me, i just gave him a look and he pretend that he was scared

"Seriously you guys, stop teasing me," I said as I pouted. they all laugh at me, even the manager. I groaned in frustration then went ahead of them.

I arrived on the parking lot and leaned into our van. Looking at those 5 boys plus the manager from a far, I regreted not coming with jeehwa and Eunsa unnie to Onew's musical. And now I'm stuck with 4 bullies and my cassanova boyfriend.

I knew that he was soft to the girls but can he not to do that when (at LEAST) I'm around? Does he understand my feelings if I saw him getting a little bit intimate with other girls? I know I supposed to tell him about my concerns but I can't bring myself to said it. I don’t want to be judged as an annoying girlfriend.

I'm lucky enough to be his girfriend and when he asked me to, i was the happiest girl on earth. But i can't stop him being nice to other girls because of his image as IDOL and idol CANT have girlfriends. only GIRL FRIENDS ... well, you know what i mean :p I don't want because of my concerns and what I want jonghyun to do, makes him feel caged by me.

"Baby, why are you walking ahead of us?" Jonghyun said as he run a little towards me, i frantically looks around us and thank god no one is there. Jonghyun knew my actions and he hooked his around my shoulder fast "don't worry, no one is here," he said to my ear which sending me chills down to my spine

"Hmm.." i just hummed at him and looks down, waiting the rest of them reach us

"Why? What's with the sour face?" His face got closer to mine and i inched away from it

"N-nothing, "

"It's not nothing~ I know something is bothering you now, what is it?" He said, putting trapped my chin between his index finger and thumb, making me to look up at him.

"Seriously jjong-ah, it's nothing," I shake my head, i saw a glimpse of dissapointment at his clear eyes and I put my right hand to cupped his face, "I'm fine," I said with a faint smile

"I know you for 3 years now and that is how long we've been together. You can't lie to me baby," his face starting to inched closer to mine

Bugh!  a smack came from Minho's paper fold

"Hyung,  just go get a room!" he grunted and opened the door. Key and Taemin following behind him, laughing. I chuckled and took that opportunity to let go from his grasp, walking towards the passenger seat

"Yah Kim Jisook! It's not finished yet~~" he warned and winking at me, i looked at him from the other side of the car and stuck my tongue out then got into the car.


The same ride back home. All silent because of the exhaustion. I peek from the front to see the boys in the back. Jonghyun and Minho was dead asleep in the middle seats while Taemin and Key in the back. They are all asleep except key who is listening to his iPod while reading a fashion magazine.

"Wait for a while here okay, I have to take some stuffs," The manager said after he stopped the car infront of some shop

"Should I come with you?"

"No it's okay Jisook-yah, I just came to pick up some shoes for the boys. you looked awfully tired , just rest.." the manager said, i just nodded and sit back on the passenger seat quietly. I looked over the guys through the rear view mirror and saw key fidgeting around

"Key? What's with you?" I asked and turn back at him

"Uh, um.. do you think I can go in and use their bathroom?" key spoke and that made me laugh

"Just go there! I'm sure they wouldn't mind having almighty key on their toilet," then key ran out from the car and slam the door. I saw him taking a little steps towards the shop and entered it hurriedly.

I slouch back to the couch, unbuckling my seatbelt for a while. I took my iPod from my bag which I placed between the driver and passangerseat. But when I was about to turn back to my seat, Jonghyun hands caught mine

"Oh gosh, you startled me..." I said to him who's craning his head to peek between the head cushion. I adjust my seat back and facing the front again

"hehehe," he laughed. I layed my head back on the cushion and his head resting beside it, he tried to hug me from behind which makes my heart beat faster than ever "so, would you please tell me what's been bothering you since before?"

"Aigoo jjong-ah, I told you before that no-" when my head turn to the left to face him i felt his lips suddenly caught mine in a sudden kiss.

His free hand caught my face and made me face him fully and our lips starting to move in rhythm. His hands grazed on mine, makes me shuddered because of his feathery touch. I can't resist him and this kisses grew hotter. His hands grazed everywhere he can reached. From my face, then lowering to my neck and grazing on my collar bone. And just then I heard the door being unlocked and we broke the kiss. He shuffled back to his seat and pretending to sleep while me buckling my belt back

"Kibum had an upset stomach," Manager oppa shook his head at me once he got back inside and i looked to the back to see key crawling to his seat holding his stomach

"What did you eat kibum-ah?" I asked him chuckling, he just lay back and threw a look at me,

"Jisook-yah, your lipstick smeared everywhere in your face..." Key said and wiggling his eyebrows at me. I startled as I cupped my mouth, feeling embarassed. I heard key chuckling as I wipe the lipstick of my lips and see Jonghyun grinning on his seat. I just scoffed then back facing the road and drive home


*the day after*

"Sugohasseumnida~~~" all the SHINee members bowed down respectfully after they had their rehearsal for another music show filming. The fans that watch them screaming like crazy and almost made my ears bleed

"Show some love for your fans boys," I said to them as i handed bottles of water to them.

Onew and Jonghyun turned right away to see their fans and waved at them and they were all screaming in satisfactory. I just love to see how the fans screaming even from a little bit of action from them. How lucky I am to be on their side, when I was supposed to also sit there and watching them from a far.

"hey! What are you thinking again?" jonghyun's voice snapped me back from my thoughts. We were walking back towards our dressing room


"you always said 'nothing' 'nothing' since yesterday," he pouted at me, i just laughed it off.

"hey kim jonghyun!" We met Co-ed's Chanmi on the intersection near the dressing room. chanmi was a SM Trainee along with him so they know each other for long.

Eventhough i was standing right beside him, he just run to her and hugged her tightly as if nothing matters. My eyes went big as I saw those two exchanging friendly greetings to each other. Ugh~ too friendly =="

His arms was on her waist, they were talking to some other members of Co-Ed. I think chanmi was introducing them, but what's with those hands!? >:(

"Let's go!" I said to the rest of the boys and turn left, marching to SHINee's dressing room on the opposite where jonghyun stands with his FRIENDS before.

"okay, Why you're not telling him off Jisook yah?" asked minho suddenly walked beside me

"what off?"

"I know you are jealous~" he grinned and putting his arms around my shoulder cheekily, I yanked it off and put both of my hands on my sides

"am not! told you that I'm used to THIS,"

"Yeah right," key rolled his eyes on me. Ugh, those boys really likes to tease me!

I slammed the door open and rush in, then slumping myself in anger beside Eunsa unnie. She looked at me with her concerned face. I know she knows my problem and my concerns because she's the only person I talked about thise kind of thing

"He did that again?" she asked.

"yep," I sighed, Eunsa unnie chuckled

"Who is it now? what did he do?"

"Remember Chanmi? that ex-SM trainee who is now debuting on Co-Ed? her, and he had his hand around the waist of that girl," i explained and crossing my arms on my chest. Eunsa unnie shakes her head

"that idiot, can he not to do that anymore? i know he loves skinship and all but i have to make him understand that he was hurting you with tha-"

"It's okay unnie," i cut her off

"huh, are you kidding? That's not okay! look at you,  you should see your own face now.." she laughs and handed me a mirror.

I know I'm silly for saying that is OKAY, when it's totally not OKAY. i looked at my reflection on the mirror and saw my forhead creased showing some ugly lines on it. I stretched it back and rubbing my forehead trying to erase the traces on it. How can the ugly and plain me be together with someone as handsome as him? I should be satisfied with this. I'm affraid if I said my concerns to him he would drift away and not liking me anymore.

"Heeey~~~~~" Jonghyun finally arrived on the dressing room with that huge chesire grin on his face. I looked at him and once he looked at me, i look somewhere else

"hey baby!" he slumped himself beside me, i tried to not look at him and hide my anger. He pecked my cheek once, "let's do the make up now okay?" I can feel his hot breath on my neck. I put the mirror away and stood up without facing him

"Ask the other cordi noona for yours, I don't want to do your make up for today," I said as I walked over to taeminnie who is being handled by Jeehwa. but i ask her to move right away and then i stood beside taemin;s chair. Applying him more foundation as Jonghyun walk to me.  can see him through the mirror.

"Jisook-Yaaaah~ wae? you always did my make up and why now?" jonghyun whining like a child and pulling my cardigan.

"I just don't want to. Jeehwa, pelase take care of his make up," I cynically said and ordered my hoobae to do that, "and you, sit down in there,!" i pointed to the chair behind me. I heard him mumbling something and grunts. I just don't want to see his face for a while now. Which is gonna be hard... probably.

"Thank you manager-nim!" I said and bowed to him when they dropped me back to my apartment.

"Take care Jisook yah! Tomorrow is a day off so you can rest well," he said , i smiled happily

"Okay I will. Thank you." I grinned and then close the car's door.

I dragged my heavy bag full of make up stuffs and my own stuff to my appartment's elevator. I managed not to face jonghyun for the rest of the day after the rehearsal before. I avoided being near him and asked Jeehwa to always take care of his make up for today so he wont ask me anything again. Then I pretended to sleep all the way from the studio to my house so he wont talk to me.

I waited for the elevator to reach the basement, and once the ding voice appears, the elevator opens and i dragged the bag again. when the elevator was about to close,there's a hand preventing it from happening and the door opens again to show Kim Jonghyun standing in front of it and looking angered. and he opens his mouth, saying

"We need to talk,"
“We did not,”

“Yes we did!” he forcefuly pushed open the door.

I just stare at him while crossing my hands, “So, What do you want?”

“Me? What about you first Jisook. Tell me now, why you’re avoiding me?” he leaned on the door. I just look at him up and down, refusing to open my mouth nor meet his eyes. Jonghyun sighed as he grab me by the arm and embraced me warmly,

“You know, you should talk to me so I can understand you better baby. I know there’s a lot of things bothering you right?” he looked down at me but i still refused to give in. He slipped a finger under my chin and force my head to look at him,

Looking at that doe eyes, i feel weak and suddenly i found myself crying,

“W-wha..baby, why are you crying?”

I shook my head as he tried to wipe my tears. I keep hiding my face from him because i feel riddiculous, “Babe, please...say something,”

Jonghyun rubbed my back, trying to comfort me while rocking back and forth. I feel stupid because to be honest, this is my own fault because i don’t want to say anything about my concerns.

“I just, I-I hate to see you being overly friendly towards those girls...” I mumbled. Then i feel him stopped rubbing my back and rocking me before bursting in laughter.

I stepped away from him, feeling embarassed and slumped down on the floor. The i felt him kneeling beside me while still trying to surpress his laughter,

“Mm, so...I succeed?”

I looked up at him, looking on that smug smile on his face, “W-what?”

Jonghyun just chortled looking at my confused face, i feel really annoyed right now. I tried to push him away but he wont budge. He pulled my by the waist so i could lean on his chest as we sat together on the floor,

“I actually wanted to test you. You’re so cool about everything i do, so I want to see if I continue behaving that way, will it annoy you or not. But i guess, it’s a success?” he winked, I just shoved his stomach with my elbow,

“How could i leave my pretty and amazing girl for some plastics? Uh oh, no no, I won’t ever do that and you know it,” he kissed the tip of my nose while smiling his million dollar smile.

“Babo,” I shoved him away, “I don’t want to be with yo-- !“

He pulled me down again as I tried to stand up.  Suddenly a pack of my favorite yogurt drink was on his hand with a pretty little bow on top of it. I smiled,

“Forgive me?”





The end