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Fan Fiction > I Only Need Your Attention

I Only Need Your Attention

Author : starleen14
Published : 01 Sep 2014, Updated : 01 Sep 2014
Cast : Choi Si Won, OC
Tags :
Status : Complete
1 Subscribes |757 Views |3 Loves
I only Need Your Attention
CHAPTER 1 : Lettuce Bouquet

He's always busy with those works like eeeeeeverytime. Yes, everytime. Even after he got home, washing himself up, pecking my cheek and our daughter's cheek, dinner and then straight to the work room right away.


Being married with the Choi Industries only son and now.... the Choi Industries Vice president is so hard. I'm not talking about the wealth which is of course i had lots and lots on it, but me and him rarely had much time to just talk or stay together. It feels like I’m marrying a US president or something.

"Yah, siwon oppa~" I sighed desperately, he looks up from the newspaper he was reading, oh well...english newspaper.

"What is it?"

"Don't read that newspaper, Eat your breakfast first please~" I pull the newspaper off his hands as my maid place packs of heavenly blush yogurt on our table. It’s our favorite. He just showing a smile at me and i return it with a half smile and frowning face from accross him.

"What's with the pouty face baby?" he asked me. Really? you need to ask about why I look like this?

"Nothing," I just face my sandwhich and begin cutting it. i heard a clinging sound and some moves but i didn't look up. Our house is really quiet in the morning and now in the dining room there's only me and-

"Siwon oppa," I looked up as I saw a shadow over me and caught siwon who's now sitting on the edge of the table facing me with his sweet eyes

"Gayoung-ah, don't tell me it's nothing, I know you had something in your mind," He started by stroking my medium-length black hair, I only sighed and put down the utensils then gaze at my husband's deep eyes.

He stroke my hair lightly then he traced the outline of my face with his two fingers and rest it on my cheek. He got up from the table and , kneeling, matching his eye level with me. His hand never leaving my cheek as he gently stroke it with his thumb. Gosh, how can i stay mad at him when he’s doing this?

"I-it's..." i didn't continue as I feel his thumb grazing on my lips now. his soft and delicate touch makes my body shiver, even it's not the first time but his touch keep making my body response like that for 3 years.

"hmm...?" he smirked seductively to me,his overrated handsome face looks so dazzling.

And then stand up and pull me into his embrace. I have to look up because of the height difference and his dazzling eyes never left me. His hands were on my waist, dragging me closer to him and he sat down on the other chair in the dining table with me on his lap.


 We both turn our head to the source which is from the dining room entrance. It's our little angel, our daughter Yejin. I frantically push him away as I turn back to the sink so my daughter wont see my beet red face. Siwon took her on his hands.

"Ummaaa~ Why are you sitting on appa's lap before?" she asked me with her cute little puppy eyes, Siwon just laughed at his question while me burning red from the situation before.

"A-ah, umma wa-- was....."

"Umma was fixing appa's hair yejin-ah~" siwon said as he took her and sat her on his lap. I fanned myself as I sat down and drink my yogurt again.

"Rweaally? hehehe~" she giggled then sipped the yogurt. It was her most favorite thing in the world, no wonder my Yejinnie is so healthy and lively just like me. Haha

Then her baby sitter came in and put her on her special chair in the dining table. I put the napkins around her neck so the food she spill wont dirty her clothes. Now, Siwon switched his seat to the one next to mine rather the one infront of mine.

"So, what were you saying before?" Siwon asked me. Oh, I almost forgot

"Oppa, you're so busy lately. all you do is work work and work. We rarely even had a nice-spouse talk every night because you keep working. even on the bed, with your laptop!" I sighed as I lean back to the chair. I can look a slight dissapointment expression from him.

"I'm so sorry honey~" he took my hands and caressing the back of it with his thumb, "It's just... many things i have to handle nowadays. since dad leave the companny to me , those job has been piling up until now~"

"I know i know, it's your job. I don't ask you to leave those but.. give your time for me and your daughter too~" I look over at yejinnie who's busy playing with her empty yogurt box and pouted.

"Ok then! Today is sunday morning and how about.... The 3 of us go shopping for groceries together?"

"Shopping for... groceries??" I give him an eye . he just laughed at me and patting my hair after he got up.

"yep! Groceries," he ran to Yejin's side, "Yejin-ah~ do you want to visit mr.carrot, ms.tomato and ms. Sweet yogurt on their houses later?"

"Mr. carrot and ms.tomato's house? I WANT !! I WANT!!!" she pucnhing the air with her cute little fist. I just laughed at her innocence and my hubby’s witty way to get my daughter agreed with his idea.

"Okay then~" I sighed in defeat then Siwon and Yejin cheered on me. I hope this will be a nice shopping with my lovely family.


Siwon drove us to one big supermarket near our house. Yejin can't stop asking where is Ms. Tomato, Ms. Sweet Yogurt and Mr. carrots house to me. I should’ve never gave her yogurt and now she’s a yogurtarian like me. I sighed. I only do that because i wanted her to be healthy, it’s not wrong right? She's so cute and bubbly little girl. We loved her so much.

"Umma, umma!! I want to ride there!" Yejin shouted as she saw me draggin a cart to a the supermarket's entrance. Siwon pick her up and put her into the cart and she can't stop stompin hapilly

"yejin-ah, don't jump around in this cart baby, you'll get hurt~" I said as i pinch her red rosy cheeks, she giggled at me then sat down

"Arasseo ummaaa," I smiled at her.

Siwon insisted to drag the car so i just let him. While my eyes scanning the whole place looking for something that we might need. I decided to make a salad today so what I need is,

"I'll go to to search for a lettuce first okay honey," I pointed towards the vegetable section, "you can show our baby mr. carrot and ms.tomatoes house," I teased him. he laughed and lean in to kiss my lips softly

"I'll be back here in 5 minutes okay," he said and dragged the cart with yejin on it to the other side of the vegetable section. I went right to the greens, searching for some greens.

After 10 minutes i waited infront of the greens section but siwon didn't show up. so I decided to search for him on near the carrot stacks. I spotted him right away, talking with some foreign looking girl infront of the carrot stacks. Yejin was on his hands now

"Who's that..?" I asked my self as I stepped closer to him but wanting to eavesdrop first before showing right infront of their faces.

Siwon's gesture towards her is so friendly, over friendly i think. her hands was on my hubby's arm and they keep laughing about something. She's indeed pretty and model-like. I think she's younger than me judging by how her fashion style and face. I saw the girl's gaze on my husband, it looks so...... hmm, I don't like that :|

"Ehem!" I showed up infront of them with both of my arms crossed over my chest

"Ah, you're here honey?" Siwon said as he take those greens from my hand and put it on the cart, "Sorry, I met her when i was about to go to you," Siwon motioned his hand towards the foreign girl,

"Hi, you must be Gayoung am I right?" that girl asked me, i was surprised that she spoke a fluent korean, I nodded at her and show a glimpse of smile. "I'm Mia Choi, and you are his.."

"WIFE. yeah, that's right," I faked a smile on that girl and she looks kinda scared of the way i acted. I heard siwon sigh, and pinch the side of my waist, hinting to show a more friendly image to her,

"Nice to meet you Mia-sshi~" I smiled the nicest smile i could ever pull to her and the awkward atmosphere wont go away from us.

"Uhmm... so, I maybe just leave ri-"

"Mia!" someone called this girl's name. Then a tall guy with small cute and handsome face appeared with lots of boxes on his hands. he walk towards us. Who is this again? Why they keep interfering my nice family day-out!?

"Siwon sshi, Gayoung sshi, this is," the girl said and that boy reach out for my hand and my husband

"Choi Minho, her husband. nice to meet you," he shook our hand. He really is cute and if my husband wasn't here, I maybe flirt around with him too ;)

oh gosh, what the hell am I thinking about.

I feel the weight that I've been holding since i saw that girl flirt.... uh i mean, talking with my husband has been lifted off. We talked a bit then i knew that she's actually my husband's bussiness partner. The M&S Companny that they both owned, was cooperating with our companny to expand the bussiness until US. then they bid a farewell to us.

Then the 3 of us keep shopping and buying the stuffs we need. from biscuits, healthy food, junk food and loads of Heavenly Blush drink yogurt until detergen for washing our clothes. It's quiet fun and we rarely do this before. Yejin keep asking to go back to Mr. carrot's house but I said to her that "Mr.carrot is busy, we can't visit him anymore~" because my legs already feel weak from too much walking around the store.

"Gwaenchana?" siwon asked as he took my hand, we walked hand in hand

"Yep. let's pay," I said to him, he nods.

We went to the cashier to pay for everything we've bought. Yejin is busy playing with her plushie that siwon bought her before. I carried her on my hands while letting my hubby bring all the shopping bag to our car.

"Yejin-ah~ don't struggle around~! Mommy should keep you safe with this," I tried to buckle yejin's seat belt in the back with dificulty. She didn't want to leave the supermarket =="

"Done?" I asked siwon as he went to the driver's side and help me buckling my seatbelt

"Done!" he smiled at me and give me a peck on the nose,

"I can't believe you could met your colleagues here also~" I sighed

"well, it's a common place~ we can meet everyone by accident in there,"

"I just want a nice quality time with my family, sometimes i think, why is it so hard?" i laughed, he did the same too

"We did have it before right? shopping with yejinnie~"

"yep yep, i hope we could do it often," i sighed

"We will," he smiled then stroke my cheek,"wait, i had something for you~" he said. I saw him hiding something behind his body and then he showed it to me with a huge grin plastered on his face

"Lettuce.... a lettuce bouquet?" I saw a lettuce bouquet wrapped on a nice wrapping paper and nice accessory around it. Well, there’s also packs of my favorite yogurt in a ribbon in the middle of it. I laughed and took it from his hands "Just when did you bought this?"

"When you were busy on the cashier before, i sneaked to the gift wrapping corner," he show me his silly grin and i pinch his nose,

"Silly, It's indeed unique, a lettuce bouquet, hmm..." I said as I eyed the bouquet, it's really cute. I never had one like this before. He really knows how to make my mood lift up.

"Well yeaaaaah... sometimes I do want a different surprise for my lovely wife right?" he smirked at me, I smirked back at him

"okay then," I leaned to reach his ears, "I'll let you continue what we're doing in the dining room before, tonight," i whispered into his ears, he chuckle and winked at me,