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Fan Fiction > Our Love Story

Our Love Story

Author : random3010
Published : 31 Jul 2014, Updated : 31 Jul 2014
Cast : Kim Dasom, Kim Myungsoo, Sistar, Apink
Tags :
Status : Complete
3 Subscribes |1461 Views |9 Loves
Our Love Story


Dasom is a "nerd" at her school, well actually she's not like any other nerds, she is very pretty but because of her pretty face and smart brain everyone envies her so because she's smart too they called her a "nerd". She's in a group called Sistar, Sistar is pretty much a bunch of pretty smart girls like her. All of them really like infinite. Infinite is a famous boyband and their kingka. 

Dasom POV

School started next week but i still dont have a uniform so i decided to buy them with my friends, i do my morning routines and change into a white sweater, a pair of black leggings and a pair of boots and then i call Bora. 

(On the phone)

Bora :Yeoboseyo?

Dasom : Hey, meet me at the cafe and don't forget to tell the others too

Bora : Arasseo

i walked to the cafe since its near from my house. I went inside the cafe and saw Infinite. *Omo! it's infinite! ottoke?* i began panicking, so i call Bora again but before i call her i walked outside.

(On the phone)

Dasom : Yah Unnie! where are you? there is infinite here, what should i do, im shaking right now, i dont know what to do

Bora : MWOO??! 

Then i hear people screaming

Dasom : Yah! don't scream i think i'll be deaf if you keep screaming

Bora : Ah, mianhae just stay cool and search for a table we're almost there

Dasom :Arasseo

I went inside the cafe trying not to panic, and the only table that available is beside infinite table, so i walk there and sit. a few minutes later the other came, and we had breakfast there. 

"Sunggyu hyung, do we have to transferred to XXXX school?" Sungjong asked.

i heard my school name so i try to listen to their conversation.

"Yeah, we have to transferred to that school because our new dorm is near from there" Sunggyu said.

*WAIT WHAT? transferred to my school??* i choked on my drink. "Gwenchana?" Soyou unnie asked me. "Yeah, im fine lets go now." I said. So we walked to the car and i tell them why i choked, and they were so suprised and started to screaming again. After that we went to the mall and buy our uniform.

~Next Week~

I woke up and do my morning routines and get ready for school. An hour later i arrived at school, grab my things from locker and was about to went to class when suddenly someone bumped into me making my books fall from my arms. I look up and saw that the one bumped into me is Na Eun, well i'm not suprised since it always happen all the time. She kick my books and walked like nothing happens. I grab my books and when i was about to grab one more my hands touch with someone hand. And that someone is...... Myungsoo. WAIT WHAT? MYUNGSOO? AM I DREAMING?

Then i grab the book and walked to my class or more like running to my class. In the class i still thinking about what happen earlier. I snap from my thoughts when i hear Mrs.Choi voice "Okay class, We have a new student today!" "Please introduce yourself haksaeng." Mrs.Choi said "Annyeonghaseyo! My name is Kim Myungsoo i just transferred here so please take care of me." then all the girls started squealing in happiness soon the class is become noisy.

"Calm down girls." "Okay Myungsoo haksaeng since the only free seat is beside Dasom, so you sit there" "Ms. Dasom please stand up so Myungsoo can see where he can sit." so i stand up and sit again once he saw me. "hey your name is Dasom right?nice to meet you, my name is Myungsoo but you can call me L, lets be friends." i just nodded since im too nervous. 


"Okay class is dismissed you can go now." Mrs. Choi said. I began clearing up my table and walk to the cafetaria. I went to my usual place and saw that my friends already sit there. I told them what happen in the morning and about Myungsoo being my seatmate. They started to scream again and the other students are staring at us.

"Unnie!! are you crazy? the other students are staring at us because of your screamings." I said to them and then they apologized to the other students and me. 

Suddenly Apink came to our table. "Hey, congratulations that Myungsoo sit beside you." Na Eun said sarcastically.

"but dont expect too much, you know that he's not interested in you, since i'm the queenka of this school and you're just a nerd who is just lucky to be his seatmate, he'll like me not you." she said arrogantly and pushed me.

"Dont listen to them, he'll like you since you're very pretty and smart not like them." Hyolyn unnie cheer me up.

"Thank you Unnie! :)" i said. 

I just remember that Myungsoo has a sister so i ask him where school does she go and he said that she went to the same school like us. So me and my friends began searching for her and we're so tired so we decided to go home and find her tomorrow.

but before we go home we went to the cafe first to drink something and she's in the cafe too, we greet her and she bowed at us since she's a junior and we're her senior.

"Annyeonghaseyo Soomin." We greet her.

"Annyeonghaseyo unnies." she said and bowed to us. 

"You're Myungsoo's sister right?" i asked 

"Yeah, why do you asked unnie?" she asked 

"Nothing, we just wanna ask." Soyou unnie said 

"Okay." she said and then we all began talking with each other. 

"Dasom unnie! your skin is so white and smooth, what do you use?" she asked me.

"Oh, i use Shinzui's Body Lotion, Body Cleanser,and Body Scrub ive been using it since last year." i answered her question.

"Why Shinzui unnie?" she asked again.

"Because just like their motto, Putih itu SHINZU'I" i said. 

"Ooh okay, and what about Bora unnie, Hyolyn unnie and Soyou unnie?" she asked

"Well i just use Shinzui's Body Lotion and i use it just because she recommended it and it works really well just like their motto, Putih itu SHINZU'I" Soyou said.

"Well me and Bora use the Body Cleanser too but we don't use it frequently and we like tanning too." Hyolyn said 

After that we all bided each other goodbyes.

~3 Months later~

Three months just passed and i became more closer to Myungsoo, we like to hangout after school and Apink bullied even more, i dont care about that because Myungsoo is on my side.

School just ended and tomorrow it's winter break. 

"Hey are you free tomorrow?" Myungsoo asked me.

"Yeah, why?" i said.

"Then can we hangout tomorrow?" myungsoo said.

"oh okk i'll tell the others." i said to him

"ani! just the two of us." he said.

"Oh sure, where do you want to meet me?" i asked him.

"Lets meet at the park, at 4pm ok?" he answered.

"Arasseo." i said.

im wondering why he want us to be alone and why park?at 4 pm?aahh im so confused right now. Then he takes me home since he asked me and i agreed to it and i want to be alone with him anyway.

~The Next Day~

I woke up at 10am and do my morning routine, and use Shinzui's Body Lotion and Body Cleanser, i use it everyday because i want my skin to be smoother and whiter, Putih itu SHINZU'I.

I ate breakfast and watch TV until it's 2pm. I changed my casual clothes into a cute winter outfit then walk to the park because it's near my house.

I arrived at the park but i don't see Myungsoo. When i was searching for him, someone suddenly back-hugged me. When i turn around, i saw that it's Myungsoo that back-hugged me. then he said something that  i always dream he would say "Kim Dasom, would you like to be my girlfriend?" i gasped and nodded as a response since i'm too shock. "Jinjja? you really want to be my girlfriend?" he asked again in dibelief "YES!" i said "Oh, thank god i like you since we become seatmate and i thought that you didn't like me." he explained, i just smiled and suddenly he kiss my lips. I feel like this is a dream and i'm in cloud9. 

And after that day, the news about me dating Myungsoo spread pretty fast and after that somehow Apink and i become friends, we hangout almost everyday with Sistar and Infinite too of course.