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Fan Fiction > Saying I Love You

Saying I Love You

Author : mahiskoy
Published : 31 Jul 2014, Updated : 31 Jul 2014
Cast : Byun Baekhyun (EXO), You, APink, Sistar, Soomin
Tags :
Status : Complete
2 Subscribes |1936 Views |88 Loves
Saying I Love You
CHAPTER 1 : Saying I Love You

It was winter at that time when Baekhyun and I was having a big fight. Baekhyun is my boyfriend. We have started this relationship for 6 years a go. He was my childhood friend, schoolmate and my partner in work. We started to live together for 5 months ago.

And then this so-not-unexpected condition happened. Baekhyun and I was having a fight. We argued about nothing but bullshit. I was so mad that I had to lose my mind and decided to leave him. I left him at that night just because I couldn't have anymore agreement with him.

I left our all never-ending sweet memories in that house just because I couldn't handle my anger.



(Author's point of view)


Baekhyun slides against the door, his eye wide. She...she left, he thought helplessly. What did I do wrong? He scoots towards the window as you slam your car door shut and drive away. He had done something wrong, but he had no idea what. All he could do was sit there, numb.

He turns around and leans against the door. He feels like a huge hole has been ripped in his chest. Baekhyun looks around as if the couch or the table will magically tell him why you didn’t love him anymore. He thought he had done everything right. He thought that forbid you to go to Apink, Soomin and Sistar concert is the best decision ever that he made. He really loves you that he doesn’t want you to get hurt. He had tried his best to make you and keep you happy.

His eyes brimmed with tears that didn’t fall. He had no idea if he wanted to cry or just sit there. Baekhyun leaned back, putting his head against the door. He definitely didn’t want to move....until his eyes fell on a slip of paper. He stood up slowly and picked it up, unfolding it. It was in your handwriting.

"A...checklist?" He murmurs. He almost fold it back up and throws it away when he sees his name on the paper. His eyes scan over it and fall on a small note at the top.


You and I had some good times, but you really are clueless. Please, look over theses. These tips will help you know what you did wrong, and hopefully help us do better in the future. I hope these help with your future girlfriends

1. When she stares at your mouth, kiss her

2. When she pushes you or hits you and calls you a pabo, grab her and don’t let go"

3. When she curses you and tries to act tough, kiss her and tell her you love her. She needs you.

4. When she's quiet, ask her what’s wrong

5. When she ignores you, give her your complete attention

6. When she pulls away, pull her back

7. When you see her at her worst, tell her she is beautiful

8. When she starts crying, just hold her and don’t say a word

9. When you see her walking, sneak up and hug her from behind

10. When she's scares, protect her

11. When she teases you, tease her back and make her laugh

12. When she looks at you with doubt, smile and back yourself up

13. When she grabs your hands, hold hers

14. When she bumps into you on purpose, bump her back and smile

15. When she tells you a secret, keep it safe and don’t tell

16. When she looks in your eyes, don’t look away until she does

17. When she's mad, hug her tightly and don’t let go

18. Treat her like she's all that matters to you

19. When she runs to you, crying, the first thing you say is, "whose ass am I kidding?"

20. When she says that she loves you, she really means it than you will ever understand.

Baekhyun realizes that he is crying when he sees the tear fall on the paper and blur the ink. He stands up and grabs his eyes, running out to his car. He had made a mistake before. He wouldn’t do it again. He looks at the piece of paper in his hand and folds it, putting it in his pocket. He starts the car and drives. He knew where you would go.

You sniffle. Your friend smiles and pats your back comfortingly. "You need to move on. There's so many boy out there who will willingly ask you to go out. You're pretty, smart and has a beauty white pale skin you know. Especially since you used body cleanser, body scrub and body lotion shinzui for three years. You know what, that’s just describe putih itu shinzui, right?"

You roll your eyes and sob. "That is so cliched."

Your friend, Yuna has always be the best bestfriend ever that you've ever have. She always there whenever you need her. You always feel safe near her and so she is. And so that’s why when you feel broken heart like this you always run to her and tell her everything. She always has her ways to calm you. Just like today, she doesn’t mind at all when you suddenly bang at her door in the past midnight, disturb her beauty sleep, and suddenly has to hear you are crying all your hearts to her.

"I love him Yuna. I really love Baekhyun. And so why...why do I still in love with him when he hurts me like that! I mean just look at him he's such a maniac at work. He always left me alone at home. Meanwhile he and his friends, always having fun everynight in the club like that. But I..I just simply want to go to a concert. It's just Apink, Sistar and Soomin concert yet he forbid me to go. He said that such thing called concert is always sounds dangerous because there are so many fanatic people and blah3x..." you said while sobbing hard. The doorbell rings as she opens the her mouth to speak. She hands you the fifth box of tissue and goes to answer the door. "hello-- "


"I need to see _____(y/n)."

"No Baekhyun-ssi she's not here" Yuna replied.

"Please don’t lie. I know she's here. I knew her. And she doesn’t have anywhere to go except your place Yuna-ssi."

"No please.. leave her alone. She doesn’t want to meet you in this state." plead Yuna softly.

"I understand you are her bestfriend but I am her boyfriend and I need to meet her.”

Baekhyun snaps at the door and start to look for you. He search all over the house to find you.

Your eyes widen as you turn to the door. Baekhyun comes in even without being invited, and he makes his way to you. You gasps as he picks you up off the floor and hug you tightly, wrapping his arms around you. He buried his face in your neck.

"When she's angry with you," he whispers, "hold her tightly and don’t let go." He pulls away slightly and kisses you on the lips.

"When she curses you or tries to act tough, kiss her and tell her you love her." He leans his forehead on yours. "Jagiya...... I know what i did wrong. Please, can you forgive me?"

You don’t answer. He tilts your chin up. "Jagiya. Please.... I love you."

You start to cry all over again. He pulls you close and hugs you, not saying a word. He finally murmurs, "I love you. You are so beautiful, jagiya. You have my full attention. Please... I need you in my life. Even if you don’t want me anymore, I am yours.

You try to tug away.


You look up at him, doubtful.  

He kisses your forehead. "Jagiya, I love you. I love you more than you will ever understand. Please, forgive me. Please...take me back."

"I love you. Even saying this three words will never ever be enough to represent my heart to you jagiya.." Baekhyun whispers to you softly.

You hug him once again and said to him "I understand Baekhyun-ah. I believe in you. Always. And I love  you too. I love you from the past, now and forever.” you said to him.

He kiss your head softly and smile softly at you. And you swear at that time, that was the most handsome smile that you've ever seen. He looks so sincere and deeply care about you.

"Let’s go home?" ask Baekhyun.

"Home? Whose home?" you teased him.

"Hmmm our home? Our child-to be home? I don’t know...?"

"Our child? Do I seem like a married woman to you?"

"Oh you aren't? I thought you are Ms. Byun"

"Ms. Byun sounds nice but nope.. I am not her yet"

"Yet? But soon to be?"

"Is it some kind of cliche and the most idiotic proposal that I heard here?" you punch his arm lightly.

"It’s not. I don’t even have the most beautiful ring to my most beautiful fiance. But later, just prepare yourself to hear that cliche and the most idiotic proposal once again"

"Why am I not surprise jagiyaaaa" you whine softly to him while he smirks at you.
After that you and Baekhyun went home.

Baekhyun has given you permission to watch the concert with one condition. And that is to have hin tag along with you to the concert. You don’t mind at all. In fact, you feel so happy that he really cares about you.



The next Saturday, you and Baekhyun went to Apink, Sistar, Soomin combination concert. You guys had a really nice day. You even have the chance to have a selca with Eunji, your favourite member of Apink. And Baekhyun has Hyorin Sistar signature for his nephew. And so thats how our idiotic love story begins. The end....