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Fan Fiction > I Am Ready To Be With You

I Am Ready To Be With You

Published : 29 Jul 2014, Updated : 29 Jul 2014
Cast : Eunji A-pink Roy Kim Dave (Fictional Character)
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Status : Ongoing
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I am Ready to be with You

The happiest moment in Eunji’s life is when she finally has a boyfriend who really loves her. But, the good moment only exists a second. Her bad dream is about to start. Dave, her lovely boyfriend, leaves her forever. It breaks her heart into pieces. She can’t live without Dave anymore. Suddenly, a stranger comes to her. He introduces himself as Dave’s cousin. Day by day, they are getting closer. Eunji feels happy whenever she is together with Dave’s cousin, Roy. However, Roy finds the fact why Eunji is very comfortable with him. That fact truly breaks Roy’s heart. So, how the story will continue? Will they be together in the end? Please read the whole story of I am Ready to be with You. Happy Reading readers ! #ShinzuiWhiteConcert


The gloomy Friday begins. Even birds don’t want to come back to their home. Now, there is the only one girl facing the twilight. She just covers herself with white clothes. Her hair shines due to the fact that the sun sets, but millions of tears are willing to go out from her eyes.  It is a clue that her bad dream is about to start. Then she tries to speak with his picture.

“Dave, you are bad. Please don’t go away! I still need you. I can’t face the reality when I get up in the morning without hearing your phone call. I can’t live myself without you.”

One hour goes away. The moon starts to show its power without its friends. She has still been crying while laying down in Dave’s burial. Then, two hours have passed. She looks at the sky and feels the same as the moon.

Suddenly the wind blows away while bringing the perfume smell as Dave used. Eunji closes her eyes and tries to smell it.

 She stops crying and she smiles, “Baby, I know you are with me.”

However, her happiness doesn’t exist any longer.

A guy appears as if he wanted to join the twilight. He greets Eunji with deep voice. “Excuse me lady. Who are you? I am sorry for interupting you but I really want to greet him now.”

She looks at him closer. He is very tall and he has thick eyebrows.

She directly stands out and says, “Oh. Hi. I am Eunji, Dave’s girlfriend. Um..who are you? Are you his friend? but I am not quite sure. I haven’t remembered seeing you.”

He smiles at her and says, “I am Roy, Dave’s cousin.”

Actually, Roy is very shocked to see Eunji’s dirty white clothes. “Well... what have you been doing here until your clothes get dirty like that?”

Then she explains to him that she has been lying down at his funeral. She wants to keep in touch with Dave closer and closer. Roy smiles again and stratches his neck. He has the same habit as Dave’s when he is confused to say something. Now, Eunji tries dejavu and her tears are ready to fall down without hesitation. Roy is getting confused now.

“Are you okay, Eunji? Did I do a bad thing for you?”

She covers her face with both hands and then leaves Roy alone. On her way, she realizes that she is not like the moon. She can’t survive without her shining star, Dave.

Now, this is Roy’s turn to get closer with Dave. He puts the flower he brings. He has already come back from Canada for years. When he knows Dave passed away, he goes to this place.

Then Roy hangs on Dave’s picture and says, “Is she your girlfriend? Why didn’t you tell me about her? She is very beautiful with her white skin. Her black hair is as beautiful as her eyes. And I know she totally loves you, Dave.”

Roy and Dave are best friends when they were a child. Roy always considers Dave is the best big brother that he has ever had. To inform you, Roy is the only child in his family. So, whenever he is with Dave, he feels comfortable and protected. Unfortunately, Dave has already gone. Dave left people who really love him. Actually, Roy can’t be willing to let him go. He really wants to go to campus  with Dave. Roy wishes he would live forever with his brother in this country rather than he would live in Canada alone. But his wish is never in reality.

Roy cries a lot and lays down at his funeral, “Dave why are you gone ? I don’t even meet you. Have you remembered your promise to pick me up after I arrived?”

In the next morning, Roy is ready to go to campus on his first day. He has already decided to study here and he never comes back to Canada anymore. Now, Roy lives in Dave’s house because his parents keep staying in Canada. In Dave’s house, Roy sleeps at his room. Even Roy wears his clothes and uses his stuffs. Sometimes Roy feels he lives like Dave but he doesn’t care much at all. In his room, there is a poster, hanging on the wall, that makes Eunji as the model. It is an advertisement from Indonesia’s beauty product, Shinzui. Behind Eunji’s picture that is the sentence in Bahasa Indonesia saying “Putih Itu Shinzui.” Eunji smiles brightly, she is very beautiful. From that on, Roy knows that Eunji is model and the part of the poopular girl band A-pink. He is really amazed because of that. Later, he spends the night to look into Eunji’s picture. “So beautiful,’’ says Roy.



Roy studies on the same campus like Eunji and Dave. Today, Roy is wearing Dave and Eunji’s couple of shirts. From behind, there Eunji sees someone wearing their couple shirts. By chance, Eunji is wearing that shirt too. She is very curious about the guy. Eunji keeps following after him. Roy has known there is a person who follows him for moments. Suddenly, he turns round. There’s no chance to escape for Eunji. She is arrested by him.

Each other is very surprised even ants in the wall stop working.

“Eunji? Well.. we wear the same shirts hehe.” says Roy in the awkward time while stratching his neck. Eunji falls silent then screams at his face.

“Why do you do this?” Roy is totally confused due to her expression.

 Eunji can’t hide her dissapointment. “Why do you wear this? It’s a couple of shirts we have and it is only worn by Dave and me. Then, why do you use the same perfume like Dave?! Don’t you know it makes me crazy Roy!”

Roy is very sorry about that and then he says,”I am sorry Eunji. I don’t know this shirt is very meaningful to you. And about the perfume I use, I have also used it for a long time. It’s not Dave’s.”

After that, Roy takes Dave’s shirt out and holds her hand to give her Dave’s shirt. Then there is a strange feeling that Eunji feels. Her heart is beating very fast.

On the following day, Eunji is on the way to cafetaria.

Suddenly Roy runs towards her and says, “Eunji, please forgive me about yesterday’s event, okay? I’ll treat you to eat the whole things haha. Please don’t be mad at me again.”

Eunji is happy to hear that, then her heart re-beats faster than berfore and then their eyes meet each other. It is an awkward moment for them. Eunji finally can control her feeling first. They sit face to face. When they are ready for meals, Eunji keeps looking at him. He wipes his both hands before eating and after that he starts eating with his left hand. His action and Dave’s are alike. Eunji is very amazed. Now, she can be a strong woman. She feels Dave is around her. She feels that Dave is Roy. They resemble.

Then Roy interrupts her, “Eunji, come on, help yourself to your food.”

Spontaneously, she says, ”Alright, Dave. I will eat them up thanks.”

But Roy suddenly stops eating. “I am not Dave, Eunji. I am Roy.”

Eunji is very shocked about it, briefly she asks for apology. Then they eat with silence. After they finish their eating, rain falls down. They decide to come back home using Eunji’s umbrella. When they walk together, Eunji feels she is doing her dating with Dave like in the past. Even she looks at Roy’s face suddenly his face changes into Dave’s. She is vey happy and a half of craziness. She looks like having delution. Due to her bliss, she doesn’t realize there is a rock in front of her. She almost fell down but Roy helped her. Again, her heart beats and beats so fast.

“Oh my God, this moment happened on my first day with Dave too.” says Eunji in her mind.

Finally, Roy arrives in his room. He lays down while looking at Eunji’s picture that belongs to Dave.

After that he says as if he talked to Dave, “Dave, I really love her. Would she be mine?”



On the next few days, Roy decides to pick her up to campus. He comes over her home early in the morning. Birds in the sky starts to encourage him.

Then he knocks at her door and says, “Wake up, Eunji. Let’s go to campus.”

Eunji is still in bed while hearing Roy’s voice. Eunji keeps thinking about Dave everyday, and it is Dave’s habit. Dave always wakes her up before going to campus.

Eunji wakes up and when she wants to open the door, she smells Dave’s perfume and spontaneously says, “Yes my Dave. I am waking up now.”

Now, Eunji is getting conscious that the guy is not Dave. He is Roy. Roy has already waited for her early in the morning while hanging two cups of coffee for them. But, Eunji successfully makes him sad. He drops the coffee. Roy feels as his heart is broken into pieces.

He can’t hide his disappointment anymore and he tries to say, “I am Roy. I say it once again to you, Eunji. I am Roy. I am not Dave. I will never be your Dave.”

After that he leaves her. She cries and feels regretful. Now, her eyes are totally opened. She is mad at herself. She comes back to her room and destroys all memories she has ever had with Dave. She knows she can’t live with his shadow. She must move on into new life. She must give it to Roy as a try.

She takes a bath and puts body cleanser to all her body. Besides that, there is body scrub that Dave gave to her six months ago. She goes outside and the weather is very hot today. So, she decides to put her favorite body lotion into her hand. Then she is ready to campus.



Finally she arrives on campus and looks for Roy. She succedes to meet him.

Then in the front of him she says, “Roy, I want to talk you, just a minute, please.”

Roy keeps silent. And like a thunder, he is surprised at Eunji by saying  “I love you Eunji. I am sorry I can’t be your Dave. Honestly, I am really sad because he is gone. But, you must continue your life. I don’t force you to love me. I just want you to know me as Roy, only Roy. ’’

It is the sweetest thunder she has ever heard.Replying him, “ I am ready Roy. I am totally ready to continue my life. I am sorry.”

Roy hugs her very tightly while whispering, “ I know it, Eunji. Thank you.”

 Eunji smiles at him. “I love you Roy. I am ready to be with you.”