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Fan Fiction > When Love Walked In

When Love Walked In

Author : hjjeha
Published : 24 Jul 2014, Updated : 25 Jul 2014
Cast : Lee Taemin, Son Naeun, APINK, SHINee
Tags :
Status : Complete
1 Subscribes |1364 Views |8 Loves
When Love Walked In


When love walked in

Some people will become more beautiful, some people will see everything in a new light and some people just have to be a bit crazy

Then how about Lee Taemin?

A story of Lee Taemin who was just got struck, a love struck to be exact. After meeting with that ‘TADAAA’ girl in the bust station, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Her long black wavy hair, her white, soft milky skin and her sweet scent, It was all still in Taemin’s mind.

So, will he be able to find his ‘TADAAA’ girl?



Characters :

  • Lee Taemin
  • Son Naeun
  • Key (Kim Kibum)
  • Jung Eunji
  • SHINee

Genres :

  • Romcom
  • AU


Disclaimer : I only own the poster and story. I do not own any of the idols mentioned in this story. Whatever written in the story is NOT a representation of them and I am not responsible in ensuring that they are being properly represented or portrayed like how they act in real life. This is written solely for the purpose of entertainment.

p.s. Grammatical error and typo might occur in the fics, I hope you to bear with it, hehe



That day, the sun shines brightly above Taemin’s head. Just as usual, in that spring morning too he walked to the bus station. With the red-colored headphone on his head, the song blast on the maximum volume. He slightly moved with the beat and humming to the song. Taemin is a 19 years old boy, with black jet hair that contrasted with his fair complexion. He is a student in SM High School, 3rd year. The last year of high school yet he never ever had a girlfriend before. Why? Because Taemin is a hopeless romantic who believes in fate and love at first sight. He often get mocked by his hyungs, but being a hard headed he is, he just shrugged it off and keep believing one day his prince on the white horse girl will come like TADAAA and they will live happily ever after.

Just by looking at the explanation above, you might think that he is an innocent, fluffy, pure guy but don’t get fooled by it because he likes sexy girls too. If you looked at his MP3 list in his phone, you will find mostly SISTAR, AOA and BEG songs.

From the corner of the street, Taemin saw the bus was coming. Being the lazy ass, he just walked slowly and didn’t bother to fasten his steps because he doesn’t mind to wait for another bus. But suddenly, his nose caught something fresh and sweet. He turned around to that scent’s direction, felt like being pulled by it. He saw a girl with long black wavy hair was running towards him the bus station. Unfortunately, Taemin couldn’t see her face because of the hat she was wearing. But Taemin still could remember clearly, that soft, wilky white skin that slightly brushed with his arm and that sweet scent that lingered on his nose for how long he didn’t know. It felt like Taemin just got hypnotized because after he slapped himself mentally, the girl had already gone with the bus. Taemin felt frustrated, He should have taken that bus too! He blamed himself for being lazy in the morning. But that day, Taemin has promised himself. He has to find that girl. Why? Because he just got a struck, a love struck to be exact.

“Oh my god Hyung! You should see that girl! She’s so pretty and nice!!” Taemin said enthusiastically. He had been talking about the girl he just met for like 30 minutes yet he kept talking about her. I mean, he was just met her for like 5 seconds, yet the impact was that big.

“I thought you said you couldn’t see her face and she just walked past you like that. How could you say she’s nice?” Key, Taemin’s friend asked.

“Well, Her scent is so nice and her skin is so soft and white. So she must be nice and beautiful” Taemin said with a serious tone. Onew, Jonghyun, Key and Minho looked at him with agony. Key rolled his eyes and snorted “No wonder you got 40 in logic test”

Taemin just ignored his friend’s statement and continued to talk about that goddess-like girl, his TADAAA girl.

“But seriously, I hope I know where she is from, she didn’t wear any school uniform” Taemin said with disappointed tone, “But maybe she’s a university student! I don’t mind dating older girl though. Hey, what do you think?” Taemin said and asked his friends’ opinion. The boys just shook his head and rose up from their seat, ready to change clothes because it’s PE class next.

“Change your clothes” Said the oldest one, Onew, ignoring Taemin questions. Taemin pouted.

“GUYS! IT’S SOCCER TIME!!” Minho screamed as he threw both of his hand up in the air. He ran to the field and split the group, and of course Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Taemin and Minho in a group together with other several boys.

“Okay guys, concentration. I want us to win” Minho said with fire in his eyes. He is knows to be a competitive guy especially in sports, so after hearing his demanding tone no one can say anything and just nodded in agreement.

“Taemin you go to the left wings” Minho ordered and Taemin just nodded his head, doing what his friend asked him to. He doesn’t mind though, since he doesn’t really have an interest in sports.

He walked to the corner of the field and the game started. It was a breath-taking game since Minho played like it’s a world cup or something. As the game got more serious and tight, suddenly, the wind blew quiet strong making the dust and leaves flew freely on the air. But then, Taemin’s nose caught a familiar scent, a scent that he had been missing since barely an hour ago. Taemin scrunched his nose, massaged it a few times before he inhaled the air again, Making sure he’s not just imagining things. His eyes then caught a familiar figure right across the field, that black wavy hair and white milky skin.

“No way” Taemin’s heart beat getting faster on the thought of finally finding his ‘TADAAAA’ girl. He started to run towards that girl, forgetting his current situation. Taemin believed in fate, Taemin believed in love in first sight, Taemin believed his love will come like in that Disney movie or drama. Finally, his ‘TADAAA’ girl-

“YAH! Watch out”

Someone screamed, but it was too late because a ball has perfectly landed on Taemin’s sculpture like nose. The ball bounced thrice on the ground while Taemin just standing there on the spot, frozen.

“Hey, Taemin-ah! Are you okay?” The boys hurriedly ran to his side, worried because for sure they heard a very loud thud sounds when the ball hit Taemin.

“Yeah…. I’m o-“ Taemin said before blood flowed down from both if his nose and his head hit the ground. He just passed out.

“Hurry, bring him to the infirmary!”


Taemin stirred from his sleep when he could smell that scent again, the fresh and sweet scent that he won’t ever forget. He abruptly opened his eyes and rose from the bed, eyes wondering around to see no one was there. He then dropped his body back on the bed and sighed, disappointed.

‘Is it a dream?’ He thought. He massaged his head to ease his headache from the sudden movement he made. He touched his nose slightly and pulled tissues that were stuck on his nose. He sat for a while before rose up from the bed, but then, his eyes caught on something shining on the floor. He squatted down and took it, it was a ring.

“Hey, Taemin-ah. You’re awake” Taemin looked at his friends on the door. He nodded his head and put the ring in his pocket.

“You know what?” Taemin started, garnering his best friend’s curiosity. “She’s here!” Taemin said excitedly. The hyungs just looked at each other. Did the ball somehow ruin Taemin’s already ruined brain to make him imagining things? His friends looked at him with pity. Taemin is seriously in love, and make it more dramatic, he didn’t know who the girl he fall in love with!

“Hey, I know the way for you to find that girl!” Jonghyun suddenly said, made the youngest eyes’ twinkling in excitement.

“Why don’t you go to the supermarket and sniff every one of body lotion, body cleanser, perfume or shampoo? You might find her if you do that” Jonghyun said jokingly before Key’s elbow landed on his abs hardly. Key glared at the poor Jonghyun who was rubbing his 3-years-made-by-sweat-and-tears-abs. Jonghyun was just tried to cheer Taemin up but he just didn’t know that the love-sick boy will 100% do that stupid idea.

“Yah Lee Taemin, are you seriously on your right mind?” Key whined as he tailed Taemin behind.

“Yeah.. Why?” Taemin asked back as he continued on what he was doing.

“You are crazy! Are you going to sniff all of these body lotion in this store?!” Yeah, Taemin really did it. After few seconds Jonghyun told his crazy idea, Taemin ran out of the infirmary room and heading to the nearest supermarket. Being a caring friend he is, Key felt like following his crazy friend. So here they are, inside a big supermarket near their school.

“But..“ Taemin tried to point his argument when Key just cut him, “You think you are going to find that girl just by finding her body lotion? Also! It might be her shampoo or body cleansing! How could you be so sure it was her body lotion that smelled like ‘paradise’?”

“I’m sure! it must be her body lotion because her skin is so soft. Even feather will slip on it” Taemin said cheesily. Key looked at his friend, judging him hard. He shook his head and massaged his temple. This friend of his is turning into a mad man.

“What product is known for white, soft milky skin?” Taemin asked as he sniffed to another body lotion product. Key was impatient because they had been there for the last 10 minutes, not to forget there was this shop keeper that kept looking at them with a judging stare.

“White?” Key asked back and thought for a while.

White is Shinzu’I” Key answered, “Eunji said that a lot”

White is Shinzu’I, The tag somehow stuck on his mind because Eunji, Key’s girlfriend uses Shinzu’I and she said that tagline quiet often. Not to forget that sometimes Eunji would ask Key to buy him Shinzu’I products like body scrub, body lotion etc if he happened to go to the supermarket, because she wanted it to be in stock in her house.

Taemin then put down the previous product and went to search for Shinzu’I. He then found it and took one of the body lotion. He put down that one after studying the scent and took another one, this time with ‘hana’ on it. He sniffed the scent and a wide smile immediately plastered on his face.

“Found it?” Key asked as he saw his friend grinning like an idiot.

“Ahh.. Tell Eunji I love her” Taemin patted Key’s shoulder before he took the body lotion and dashed to the cashier.

“Yah! Eunji is mine and are you going to buy it?” Key asked his friend who already headed to the cashier.

After purchasing the body Lotion, Shinzu’I Hana, Taemin and Key headed to the coffee shop next to the supermarket. Key slumped his tired body on the couch as he eyed his friend took out the body lotion and sniffed on it, smiling like an idiot. Key wanted to slap this love sick friend to stop acting so strange and weird but it won’t work because a similar thing happened with him too when he first like Eunji.

“And now what? It’s not like she is the only girl who is using that body lotion in our school” Key asked as he sipped on his coffee latte. Taemin was looking at the body lotion in front of him. He actually didn’t know what would he do after this. Taemin sighed and took out the thing he found in the infirmary room.

“Yeah, I don’t even sure that this is hers” Taemin looked at the ring for a while before putting it back in his pocket and stood up from his seat, “I’m going home, thank you for accompanying me” Taemin said and left with a heavy steps.

Keu just sat on the seat with his jaw dropped. Key couldn’t believe his eyes. Did his eyes just playing tricks on him or this friend of his was seriously destined to have a Disney-like, fanfic-like, drama-like love story because if his eyes didn’t play trick on him, he knew who’s that ring belongs to.

Key hurriedly took his phone and punched the first dial number. “Hey, Eunji-yah. I want to ask you about that friend of yours…”


It’s been a week and Taemin’s mind was still thinking about that girl. He never met the girl in the bus station anymore, even he purposely waited and waited until he missed more than 5 buses, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to meet that girl again. His hand slowly reaching for his pocket and took out the ring he found. Another bus came and he sighed. He won’t be able to meet her again today.

“What day is it?” Taemin asked to Key after he got into the classroom. The tables were here and there, the students were eating snacks and chatting happily. It’s 09.30 and Taemin supposed to be late (because of waiting for his ‘TADAAA’ girl) but the teacher was nowhere to be found.

“Today is the school’s golden birthday, you didn’t know? My Eunji and her friends will perform some APINK’s songs. Hihihihihihihihihi, must be cute~” Key answered. Taemin just looked out the window to see a big stage was built in the field. Taemin rarely listen to APINK’s songs because yeah, he likes sexy girlgroup so he didn’t really expect the performance at all.

“Let’s go! You have to give something back before it starts” Key said as he dragged Taemin to someplace.

“Huh? Give what to who?” Taemin asked, got no clue in what Key was talking about.

“It’s a thing that she treasures a lot. She won’t be able to perform well without it” Key told him and opened a door to a classroom. But, Key didn’t come into that classroom and just pushed Taemin in and closed the door.

“What? Hey!” Taemin tried to open the door but he couldn’t. He called for Key to open the door but Key just laughing from outside. Then, Taemin could sense another presence in the room and he could smell it again. The scent.

Taemin turned around slowly to see a girl with long, black wavy hair was standing right in front of him. Taemin felt his blood all rushed to his face, he was blushing. Taemin was looking at the ceiling like it’s the most interesting thing in the world.

It’s her, it’s really her! IT’S HIS ‘TADAAA’ GIRL! But he doesn’t know what he should do. It’s awkward.

“Umm.. hey” The girl shyly greeted. Taemin mentally slapped himself because he just let the girl greeted him first! ‘What a gentleman, Lee Taemin’ Taemin thought in his head.

“Hey” Taemin greeted back and silence filled the room again.

“So, I heard you have something for me?” The girl asked, slightly tilting her head and it was like the cutest sight he ever seen. Taemin finally got it, the thing Key said before. He took the thing from his pocket and showed it to the girl.

“Is this yours?” Taemin asked to make sure. He could see the girl’s face was brightened up.

“Yes” The girl answered and took it from Taemin’s hand. She flashed another beautiful smile and said, “I won’t be able to perform well if I’m not wearing it. It’s a group couple ring hehe”

“Oh, you are performing?”

“Yes. I’ll perform APINK’s songs” The girl answered. In just a second, his interest toward this performance sky rocketed to the maximum. He will for sure watch it just to see his ‘TADAAA’ girl performing, and for the first time in his life, Taemin know he will enjoy APINK’s songs! No! He might turn into fan too!

“Ah! I think I have to go now” She said after her eyes caught the clock on the wall.

“W.. wait!” Taemin called and scratched his head, “What’s your name?”

“Son Naeun. Yours?” She asked back. “I’m Lee Taemin” Taemin answered as he smiled.

“Umm… So, see you around Taemin-shi” Naeun waved her hand slightly and ready to go when Taemin stopped her for the second time, “Naeun-shi” Naeun turned around and looked at Taemin.

“Good luck for your performance” Taemin said as he gave a ‘fighting’ gesture to her.

“Thank you” Naeun thanked him as a tint blush covered her cheek.

Taemin stood there, still couldn’t believe with what just happened. He finally met his ‘TADAAA’ girl, her name is Son Naeun. Taemin slapped his own cheek, once, twice, it’s real, It’s not a dream.


“Yah, Lee Taemin. Don’t you want to watch the performance?” Key’s voice woke Taemin up. Key was leaning on the door frame with a smirk on his face. Taemin took Key’s hand and dragged him to the field, where the performance will be held.

“Finally, your drama-like, fanfic-like, Disney-like love story that you always dream has finally come true” Key said with a low voice.

“What?” Taemin asked, didn’t get what he meant.

“Nothing” Key smiled.


“Seulpo hajima~ No no no~ Honja ga anya no no no”

“NO NO NO! NO NO NO!” Taemin shouted loudly when his TADAAA girl, uhmm I mean Son Naeun was performing with her group. Actually, Taemin was not familiar with the song and he just heard it a lot when he was in shop or café. It’s a good thing that the fanchant was something he knew, so he could cheer for Naeun. Taemin was impressed, not only pretty and nice but Naeun can dance too! Not to mention that she was the first in her class and the class president too. His TADAAA girl was so perfect.

“Ahh.. I think I’m going to be APINK’s fan from now on” Taemin muttered after the girls finished their performance. Key just shook his head hearing his friend’s words.

“Let’s go” Key said.


“Meet my girlfriend… and your TADAAA girl too”

Taemin’s eyes glittered in excitement and he immediately fixed his already neat hair.

Key walked into the room as he clapped his hands. The girls then bowed at him as a greeting.

“You guys did good” Key said as he walked to Eunji.


“Yeah, it was an awesome performance” Taemin said, looking at Naeun who was smiling shyly.

“Ahhh, It’s finally Naeun’s time. When is mine?” Chorong said loudly after eyeing Naeun and Taemin’s behavior. Naeun’s face was red since she got what Chorong meant.

“I’m going to buy drinks, let’s go!” Chorong walked after she gave Hayoung, Bomi and Namjoo a hint. The girls giggled and followed Chorong behind.

“Told you to go out with Suho” Bomi said to Chorong before they finally walked out of the room. Key then put his arm around Eunji’s shoulder and dragged her out with muttering word like, “Let’s buy drinks too”

“Yah hyung!!” Taemin called Key but he just ignore him, leaving Taemin and Naeun in an awkward atmosphere.

“I wonder why they left us” Taemin said awkwardly, scratching his head. Naeun nodded her head.

“So… you use Shinzu’I?” Taemin opened up a conversation, but he felt like slapping himself for asking such a question. It’s such a strange thing to know what kind of body lotion the others are using, something that even stalker might not know!

“Yeah, how do you know?” Naeun asked, quiet taken back with his question.

“Ahh.. the scent is familiar. My sister is using it too” Liar, because Taemin doesn’t have a sister. Better to save his face first in the first conversation right, he didn’t want to be judge as a weirdo.

“Really? Yeah, I’ve been using it quiet long. The scent is nice and it’s good for skin too”

“Yeah, I know. My skin is softer and lighter after using it” Taemin blurted out. His hand immediately touched his mouth. He is really busted. Well, he did use the body lotion since he didn’t really know what to do with it after buying it. What? Man’s skin is also a skin which needs care.

“You use it too?” Naeun laughed.

“Umm… Just tried my sister’s hehehe”

“Taemin is hopeless” Key said after looking at his friend’s act. He crossed his arms on his chest. Key and Eunji was outside the classroom all the time, eavesdropping on them.

“Yah, should I tell Naeun that Taemin bought that body lotion after sniffing every one of body lotion in the store just to know what kind of body lotion Naeun is using?” Key said.

“Well, Naeun is a weirdo herself, she would find it romantic” Eunji laughed. Key looked at her with unbelievable expression, “They are match then”

“You also know Naeun likes him, she would be happy if she knew he did something like that for her”

Naeun likes Taemin? YES! You read it right.

So, It answered all the questions like, why Naeun hung her head low on the bus station? Because she was shy. Why her ring was in the infirmary room? Because she was worried about Taemin and want to know his condition. And maybe you are wondering, why Key said Taemin’s drama-like, fanfic-like, Disney-like love story has finally come true.

Yes. You got your answer. Why is it fanfic like? Because Naeun actually likes Taemin back! And all the arranged things like ring, body lotion and all… Yeah, It’s just something that would be happen in drama world. And that’s how Taemin finally met his TADAAA girl after waiting for her for so long. It all just the start and hopingly it would be going to end with happily ever after, just like as Taemin dreamed.




Thank you for reading. Mohon maaf bila terjadi kesalahan grammar, pengetikan dan lain lain. Semoga ceritanya cukup menghibur :) Bye! ^^