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Fan Fiction > Summer Vacation Nightmare

Summer Vacation Nightmare

Author : pinkpandas21
Published : 24 Jul 2014, Updated : 24 Jul 2014
Cast : Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Yoon Bora, Kim Dasom, Soomin.
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Status : Ongoing
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Summer Vacation Nightmare


Summer break, a holiday which every student from Seoul Arts Performing High School has been dreaming about. After a hard working school year, five best friends; Bomi, Chorong, Bora, Dasom and Soomin planned their first vacation together. How much funner can it get? Spending time on vacation with our closest friends! These five girls headed to Jeju Island not knowing what was ahead of them. It was all fun and games until they entered a house nearby a carnival. They thought it was going to be funny to see each other getting scared inside the unuccupied house until Soomin went missing inside. What could have happened to Soomin? Was there a reason for her disappearance? Find out for yourself. 


Summer Vacation Nightmare. 

"Chorong did you see the news?" My best friend Bomi said to me one morning befor school starts. 

Tossing the newspaper onto my desk I read the healine news saying, "Seoul Performing Arts High School Femal Student Still Missing."

At that time my other best friends, Bora and Dasom came in the class and came to us.

"Poor Soomin.." Bora said. "I wonder how she disappeared that night.." she continued. 




It was the last day of school befor summer break last year. Bomi, Bora, Dasom, Soomin and I were in class, excitedly talking about our vacation. We are going to Jeju Island for the summer break, just the five of us. 

"It's going to be so much fun!" Bomi yelled. 

I think Bomi yelled to loud, Mrs. Kim looked as us, 

"Girls if you don't stop talking, I might have to make you girls stay after school. I could need some help with cleaning my classroom here." She continued teaching the class. 

"Lets just talk about this after school." Bora suggested. 

Just then the bell rang. "Remember to finish the homework and read until chapter 13!" Mrs. Kim reminded the class. "Have a nice summer break!" She said while sending us out of class. 

"So, let's meet at the airport tomorrow! Don't be late!" Dasom said excitedly. 

"Bye, see you tomorrow!" I said and walked back home. 

The next day we met at the airport. 

"Hey, over here!" Bomi called me. 

Bora, Dasom and Soomin was also there already. 

"I couldn't sleep last night, I was too excited." I said to everyone. 

"Me too! Did you packed everything?" Bora asked me. 

I nodded. Just then the speaker announced that we may enter our boarding rooms. We stood up and walked to the boarding room. I looked at Dasom. 

"Wow, you brought a lot, Dasom." I said jokingly. 

She laughed. We arrived at the boarding room and entered the plane. 

About half an hour later, we arrived at Jeju Island. I was sleeping on the plane and Bomi woke me up. 

"Wake up, Chorong. We're here!" She said. 

We got of the plane and took our luggases. We took the shuttle bus ride to our hotel. It took us about fifteen minutes to get there. Our rooms are connected, and there are only four beds. 

"So who's going to sleep on the sofa tonight?" I asked. 

Everyone was avoiding my eye contact. 

"Fine, I'll sleep on the sofa. For tonight only." I said grumpily. 

The next morning we decided to go to the beach, it was right in front of our hotel. It was a sunny day, luckingly I brough my SHINZUI Skin Lightening body lotion with UV protection to help protect my skin from the sun. We played in the beach and went surfing, it was such a fun day! We got vack to the hotel a few hours later. I offered my friends to use my SHINZUI body cleanser and body scrub since we've been out in the sun for a long time. This will help us to get rid of our dead cells and help lighten our skin again. 

"Being white in Shinzui (#PutihItuShinzui), guys." I told my friends. 

Just then, Bora entered our room, 

"Chorong, can I borrow your SHINZUI facial wash? My face got darker because I was out in the sun so much."

"Here you go, this will help you to get your skin lightened again." I said while handing it to her. 

"Thanks!" She said and went bac to her room happily. 

That night we decided to go to the carnival near out Hotel. It was five minues away, so we decided to walk there. On the way there we talked aobut what we were going to do. 

"So there's a haunted house there, Soomin?" I asked her. 

She nodded. 

"Let's try the haunted house first!" Bomi said excitedly. 

"No, lets see other attractions first, then we play a game and whoever loses goes inside the haunted house alone! How does that sound?" Bora suggested. 

"ok, lets do that!" Dasom answered. 

Arriving at the Carnival, bright lights and decorations greeted us. There were lines and lines of game stanees. 

"Lets play the right toss!" Bomi said excitedly. 

"No, lets play knock down the tin cans!" Bora replied. 

"No, no let's go there, towards the food vendors." I said. 

Everyone looked at me. 

"What? I'm hungry." I replied. 

"Ok, lets start from the left side and go to the right." Dasom suggested. 

We all played the mini games, I won most of my games. At the end Soomin lost. 

We headed towards the haunted house, Dasom lead the way. 

"How do you know its here?" Bora asked Dasom. 

"A friend of mine told me." She replied. 

We got to the front of the haunted house. 

"Great there's no one here." Bora sighed. 

"So?" Dasom replied puzzled. 

"So.. there must be something wrong? Or maybe its too scary?" Bora answered feeling worried. 

"I never agreed to do this from the start anyway. I have a bad feeling about this." I said. 

"Ok, you can go now Dasom." Bomi approached Dasom. 

"I can't go in there alone! This looks scary.. Let me go with Dasom." Soomin said worriedly.

"Ok I'll go with you." Dasom said feeling sorry. 

They both went towards the house, nobody is even guarding the entrance. 

"See you soon!" Bomi yelled while waving at Soomin and Dasom. 

After a few minutes, we were all joking about how Soomin and Dasom would be terrified inside. We were talking and laughing until we realized that they are still not out yet. 

"Why aren't they out yet? Its been more than ten minutes I think." Bora said.

"What's taking them so long?" Bomi asked.

"Do you think something happened inside?" I asked worriedly. 

"I don't know we better check." Bora suggested. We three went inside. 

As we went inside everything was pitc hblack, we couldn't see anything. 

"Doeas anybody have a flashlight?" Bora asked. 

"I do." I took out my flashlight and passed it to Bora. 

She lead the way. The smell of the house was really bad. 

"Did something die in here?" Bomi asked while plugging her nose. 

"Probably." I replied. 

The wooden planks creaked as we step on it. 

"Should we go in here?" Bora asked. 

"Yeah, go ahead. Please open the door." Bomi said with a shaking voice. 

We entered a room. It was a big room, we almost couldn't see the end. Apparantly we entered a hallway. There were doors of the left and right side of us. 

"I think this used to be a motel?" Bora asked. 

She too became scared. We opened each room, one by one while calling. 

"Dasom! Soomin!"

There was  not any reply. As we continued walking in the hallway we heard something, 

"Guys!" A voice called. 

"I think that's Dasom!" I sad. 

"Quick let's find her." Bomi said. 

"Bora! Here!" Dasom kept on calling. 

We got into a room and say Dasom sitting in the corner, scared to death. Once she saw us, she ran and hugged us. 

"Let's get out of this place!" said Dasom in a hurry. 

We ran out of the hose. As soon as we got out, I realized that Soomin wasn't with us. 

"Where is Soomin?" I asked Dasom. 

"I don't know." She answered with a pale face.

"We were walking in the hallway, and she just dissapeared behind me." She said in a panic. "Then I heard her calling me from that room, so I went in there. Turns out she wasn't there." She continued. 

At that time we heard a scream coming from inside the house. We exchanged looks, but no one wanted to go in there anymore. We ran back to the carnival where there were a lot of people. We got help from a staff. We came to the haunted house, the staff quickly said to us, 

"This isn't part of the carnival attraction." It got us all surprised. 

"What?" Bora asked. 

"this isn't part of our carnival." The staff repeared. "Anyway, are you sure your friend is inside?" the staff asked. 

"Yes, she is!" Bora raised her voice. 

"I'll get the security team to come and find her inside, you girls wait here."

The staff called the security team to come. By no time they arrived and started searching the house. We waited in silence. It was a long wait. We were worried, we didn't know what to do. 

"There is nobody inside, but we found this."

The head security showed us a bracelet which seemed to be familiar. 

"That's Soomin's bracelet!" Bomi said surely. "She must be in there!" Bomi continued. 

"No girls, there wasn't anybody in there. We are going to close down the house and make sure there won't be anyone going in or out, or even closeby until tomorrow morning." The securicty said. "The police will continue searching tomorrow morning."

"What do we do now?" Dasom said worriedly. 

"Let's just go bakc to our villa. We can back here agaim tomorrow morning and check.. We can't do anything now anyway." Bora suggested. 

We all went back to the hotel silently. The walk back seemed scarier than ever. I kept on thinking about Soomin. It was impossible for her to disappear just like that. I looked at Dasom, she looked paler than ever. That night we couldn't sleep at all. Bora and Dasom decided to sleep in one room with us, even if they had to sleep on the floor. We took turns sleeping, to look over each other incase something happend. 

The next morning we returned to the carnival, into the front of the house. At that time the police already got there and already started their investigation. We decided to take Soomin's stuff with us to hand it to the police. 

"Are you girls Soomin's friends?" the police asked us while taking Soomin's stuff. 

"Yes we are." I answered. 

"Did you find anything?" Dasom asked. 

"No, we did not.. the neighbors around here said that no one have entered this house since five years ago. The owners of this house died in a murder case inside the house." The police continued, making the four of us shocked. "You girls can go home now, If we find anything we'll call you right away."

I gave him my phone number and we went back to our villa. Since it was our last day there, we quickly packed and head to the airport. We flew back home in despair, this is not what we wanted for vacation. We thought it was going to be fun. We came here for a vacation, not a nightmare.