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Fan Fiction > Under The Cherry Blossom

Under The Cherry Blossom

Author : Hanzelnut
Published : 07 Jul 2014, Updated : 25 Jul 2014
Cast : Kim Namjoo (Apink) | Kim Jongdae / Chen (EXO)
Tags :
Status : Complete
0 Subscribes |2758 Views |26 Loves
Under the Cherry Blossom
CHAPTER 1 : Act 1

Love could be unpredictable. But sometimes behind that, there is a little treasure that people could worth dying for. Maybe those funny moments, accidents and memories that are made unexpectedly. Love. A word that some people hate, some people adore and some would just ignore. Well, this story is slightly different, a pinch of hatred and jealousy but a bucket of love was just about to pour into these 2 ordinary people’s love story. It might be difficult for them to get through at first but just wait till you see the ending, oh you might be thinking this could happen in real life, especially your life if you’re reading this story. 


► A Man loves a girl when she’s outgoing, lovable, petite and polite towards people and the most important thing is pretty. Well that’s just an exception but the others are a must. But this young lad thinks the opposite. 


► A Woman always imagines her dream guy who's protective over her, romantic, good-looking and spends more time with her. The last one's quite hard if the man was busy but the others would be just fine. Let's see if this young lady would accept that her long lost mate that isn't quite the man she's looking for.



Characters :

Kim Namjoo // Joo

A Pink

A petite and bubbly girl who loves fashion and traveling. She just graduated from a Fashion University back in her hometown Seoul, South Korea. She wants to be either, a model, a singer or an actress. She pushed herself to the limits to get the best job she could have and that one tiny dream became true. Being accepted as a fashion model is a big thing and she promised herself not to ruin it.

Kim Jong Dae // Chen
A young laddie who is really full of happiness and never runs out of it. He finds himself in the world of entertainment. A professional and international photographer, a hobby he always loved since his dad introduced him a proper camera that he could have for his own. A hard job but he takes it full of passion and joy.

Chapter 1 : 第一章




There goes Kim Namjoo’s footsteps along the white tile of Tokyo Haneda International Airport. A simple white tee covered by a long brown blazer and of course jeans and ankle boots to complete. She always loved her organized outfit of the day every time she’s traveling. This time she isn’t, she’s staying here in Japan. The country which she always dreamt of living in. It was hard to leave her family back in Korea but she wants to show her parents that she’s capable of her job.

Her gaze never left the busy and fast Airport. 

After taking her two luggages and a small suitcase, she hired a taxi and went on to her new rented apartment.


“Arigato ..” Namjoo walked up to the white door and showed the owner her billing payments.

A relieved sigh filled the medium-sized apartment completed with a bedroom, a small kitchen and bathroom. She decided to unpack her stuff later in the evening and decides to spend the hot windy spring in the famous cherry blossom garden, Ueno Park. She snatched her camera, her sling bag and took her depart.


"Okay! That's a rap guys!" A guy with with a Nikon Camera turns his head and clapped to his partners for his recent fashion photoshoot. His fellow friends clapped along and one by one thanked him for organizing and being the head of the photo shoot project. 
“Thanks Chen! You were great, really!” Compliments flowing from every mouth that he could already recognize. He can only smile in shy and telling it was just his job to be done from his senior. All the models thanked him and one stopped by and she’s kind of flirty and Chen already spotted her weird acts before they even started the photo shoot. He always hated this kind of girls who’s only looking at the job of the guy and gets the money, not the love.
Tch. Cheap.
Before the model pats his shoulder, Chen walked away and pretends to shout to one of his buddy.

“Hey guys! Wait for me!” A scoff came from behind which only made Chen giggled in secret. Snatching his camera bag, backpack and his coat, Chen bids his friends a goodbye.

A full day at the studio sometimes made Chen frustrated but he always kept it to himself because once when he got angry and couldn’t control his temper, the other crew got affected and also the final result wasn’t quiet impressive and bad comments could only be received by Chen straight from his seniors and also his strict boss. This time he managed to get through it smoothly.

“How about some nice warm coffee and a nice late afternoon walk at the park?” He questioned himself which was silly habit that he can’t get rid of. Like a small kid, he happily skipped and hummed his favorite song.
Entering the coffee shop, he ordered his favorite, warm Cappuccino. He walked to the pick up counter just like the other customers and takes his leave to his favorite park.


“Hello Ueno Park~” A smile then was formed at the corners of Namjoo’s face. She took a long inhale and finally can smell the actual scent of real sakura flowers. All this time she was tricked by perfumes that was on sale in Malls back in Korea. Until this second, she hasn’t found any cosmetics, body lotion or soap that has the real scent of Japan flowers. She’s always hunting for it back when she’s still in her junior and senior high years.
“So this is what Sakura flowers smells like ..” she admires it for a while before continuing her walk in the park. Taking a snap here and there, she’s already taking up 1/4 of her camera’s sd card memory. She doesn’t mind and continued off walking and drifting into the beautiful scene right before her.
Taking his camera, Chen takes some landscape shots with some citizen sitting at the benches, walking or just standing under the falling cherry blossoms. Just walking under the falling cherry blossoms makes his  stresses and frustration feels like falling with it. Slowly a smile crept up and slowly his eyes closed. His hands feeling the soft petals resting on his palms. He continues his walk and found something which was worth for capturing. He stood by the crowd and ..
Tons of clicks were consequetively heard. Turning the camera from portrait and horizontal. He was just enjoying the moment, the scene and especially the girl who was being the ‘model’. He transferred the photos to his phone by bluetooth and uploads it to his own personal Instagram account. A lot of his followers were just the models that he has been working with,other professional photographer, some co-workers and of course; his fans. Which ends it with 5700 followers.
Leaving a caption below saying :
'上野公園。私が訪れた前回とは全く異なる. #sakura #uenopark #spring'
(Meaning : Ueno Park, Quite different from the last time I visited. #sakura #uenopark #spring)
57 likes from the first minute to 750 likes in less than 30 minutes. How cool is that and especially the comments from his friends.
‘Dude, who’s that girl?’
‘Nice model, where’d you got?’
Chen could only laugh and ignore it before making a big fuss in his photo. He then walks up to a bar and ordered shaved ice cone with a blueberry syrup topping. It was hot but it’s a good thing that the wind was coming by calmly. Leaving his money on the bar counter, he enjoys his ice cone and that enjoyment was going to an end in ..
1 ..
“Watch where you’re going! Sheesh!” Chen shouted. The girl said sorry a bunch of times as she wiped the spill off with her handkerchief.
“Get off of me!” Chen shouted and pushed her hand aside and wiped it off with his bare hands.
“Well, sorry .. I just wanted to help” She walked away leaving her handkerchief behind. Before Chen could blast words to her, he noticed the handkerchief.
“Hey! Hey! You left this!” Chen can only see her walking much further away from him.
Omo. My precious Blazer ..
I swear, if I meet her again. Ugh.
“Ah, I finally smell real scent of Sakura flowers ..” Namjoo laid down on her bed and looked at her snapshots that she took later that afternoon at the park. She snatched her phone and opened her Instagram. She isn’t that popular in Instagram, infact she has only 100 followers and that’s her friends back in Seoul. She uploaded her own selca with a cherry blossom flower on her right hand pressed against her cheek.
“Done~” She left her gadgets and head off to the bathroom to get a quick shower, unpack her stuff and tomorrow is actually her proper day on her first job being a model.

9.15 AM
Namjoo hasn’t woken up yet and did I mention she actually sets the alarm at 8 in the morning? She is one heavy sleeper. She shots her head up because of some neighbors dog barking, she searched fro her phone and still with his droopy eyes, the clock showed 9.18 AM. She literally shouted and made her next door neighbor shouted at her.
“Great. I’m late on my first day” She walked down the stairs and stopped for a moment to fix her shoes and knock her head to tell herself to not to do that again in the future. Ran to the nearest bus stop and inside the bus she fixed her messy hair into a messy side braided hair. She propers her clothes and not forgetting to use a body lotion she just brought. Yep, it’s Japan’s original ‘Shinzu’i’. There were so many various flower scents, like Kirei, Hana, Myori but Sakura was her most favorite so she literally snatched it off the counter and another thing that caught her attention last night was a body cleanser and a body scrub made by Shinzui too and that was a must have for her. It was like heaven when she found these things and dream came true.
Namjoo got off and still looking at the address on the email. According on the picture that was posted on the website, it was quite big and it is a two story building. It has only two colors; just like common photo studios would have. After walking, searching and asking for directions she finally found it and, oh yes it’s really humongous. A big sign was hanged ‘Shutterbug’s’ and at the end it actually has a firefly bug which Namjoo found it very cute and super adorable.
Ring Ring!~
There goes the door bell and a woman showed up from behind the counter. Namjoo handed out the printed email notice and she was guided to the office upstairs.
“Please wait until our head Manager calls you, dear ..” Namjoo bowed and thanked the lady before letting herself sit on the couch. Looking around it’s kind of a modern chic style with all the black and white patterns here and there, white and black photo frames hanged beautifully against the white wall. Namjoo sat patiently and then a shout came from inside the Manager’s office room. She jumped a bit and just sat there silently. A click sound came from the door knob and a man which was maybe older than her walked away with his glasses on his right and the other messing his hair. Namjoo only stared at him blankly.
“Excuse me? Sir?” Namjoo knocked on the white polished door.
“What?!” He shouted and turned around realizing a head already popped in through the small door gap. Namjoo apologizes for the sudden knock and the manager apologized for his recent shout to her. She handed out her CV, her recent passport photo and also her modeling photos. Oh, her ears were getting so much compliment on how she looked pretty in every photos, not so showy about her body; which every model always do and the backdrop which was mesmerizing.
“You’re quite different Miss Namjoo” Head manager told Namjoo. She could only smile and just sits still. After getting her personal information to got to her profile folder, he directs Namjoo to the studio where very one was busy doing a recent photoshoot for a famous brand, ‘Uniqlo’. A world trendsetter right from the heart of Japan, a brand which everyone in the world would already notice.
“Just in time for your first photoshoot Miss Namjoo” Namjoo’s eyes grew bigger and awed, not believing what her boss is actually saying to her right now. She placed her right hand on her chest. She’s out of words. The head manager lets her in to the makeup and gets ready with some assistant’s help.
There she is, wearing one of the latest fashion fresh from Japan. A simple white tee with a blue pocket on the left side, long sky blue jeans and white heels to complete it. Namjoo taking a peek at the photo studio and whoa, the models are more flexible in making poses. Namjoo could only have her jaws hanging, she was mesmerized with every model’s poses yet jealous. She wanted be as great as them, but could she do? She’s just a rookie in this modeling world.
“Next!” A shout made Namjoo realize back to reality. She ran out and bowed to the photographer and other crews, a polite manners where she was already been taught by her parents. Only the photographer bowed to her back. At that moment, the head manager came to the photographer’s side. He processes Namjoo’s poses which was quite wonderful for a rookie.
“Chen, what do you think?” He nudged Chen’s arm. Still taking shots he answered that she’s just fine just like the other models; a straightforward, bold and simple answer.
“You really don’t have a sense of boasting how good a model is. You say that every time I ask you the same question” Head manager walks towards Namjoo and clapped his hands loudly and taking the other crews attention.
“Everyone, she’s a new model in our company. Please ..” He lets Namjoo to introduce herself to her other job-friends.
“Hello, my name is Namjoo. You can call me Joo ..” Namjoo ended her short introduction with a bow. She thanked the head manager and gets changed to her recent clothes to call it a day. She went to the pantry and made a quick coffee for herself. As she turns, she bumped onto a guy. Hot coffee spilled onto his shirt as he pulled his shirt away from him to keep the heat away from him. Namjoo gasped and took a handful of tissue and patted the spill. He could only bite his bottom lip and out ouches.
Dang it.
“I am so sorry! Oh god” She snatched a bunch of tissue from the pantry counter but before patting it onto the spill, she looked and saw the guy who bumped and snapped her back at the park. She stopped pushed the tissue to him and walked away. It was Chen, her colleague and photographer.
“Hey! I’m not done with you!” Chen shouted to Namjoo. She just walked away exiting the office and walked home with giggles as she remembered his silly face.
Hah. Told you not to mess with the girl.

“Aish! That brat” Chen who has planned to enjoy an evening walk at the Spring festival today was all ruined because of Namjoo. Thinking about her makes him frustrated. First, she spilled his ice cone and now another spill, this time it's hot coffee. He wraps cold towel all around his chest.
From all of the girls in the world that I could bump into, I bumped into her?! Gah.
She's totally not my style.


Heyya dreamers~

I'm back with a one shot fan fiction~ And actually this is for the fan fiction competition held by Shinzu'i ^^

At first I was "Should I? Or Should I not?"

"Meh~ Let's give it a shot!" And ta-dah~ This is actually my first one shot and first time I'm going to publish it for a competition. This time, as you can see on the cover, it's Namjoo x Chen ff!~ I never thought of making a fan fic about them but since they both have this happy and talkative attitudes, I kinda ship them (Dunno why ._.)

Anyways~ It's my first one shot and I'm actually better at making stories in long chapters which has a great flow. Since it's my first one, can you give comments to support me?

It'll be soooo helpful! ^^

And if you guys are really curious on what's gonna happen next, please leave comments and compliments as much as you want, love if this story appriciates it and also share it! to your friends, family, your granny, granpa or maybe your pets (If you have one lol)

Well that's it for now~ I hope you guys enjoy it~ :D

As always ...


/Throws virtual kiss and hugs/