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Fan Fiction > It Happened To Be That Way

It Happened To Be That Way

Author : VCaryn
Published : 11 Mar 2014, Updated : 16 Apr 2014
Cast : parkchanyeol, songjinae, other exo members, and some other kpop idols
Tags :
Status : Ongoing
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It happened to be that way
CHAPTER 1 : Chapter 1

Jinae's POV

It's Monday! I directly wake up to enjoy my perfect Monday. Well yeah, unlike other students, I like Monday, well, I LIKE ALL SCHOOLDAYS... I get ready in just a few minutes, I make my own breakfast, and take my skateboard from my garage. I'm riding on my skateboard all the way to school. Then, I finally reach school in no time. But I saw an unfamiliar boy standing outside the school gate. He looks confused, so I decided to approach him but suddely the bell ring. I run till I reach my class, In the class I am sitting at the corner with a snapback on my head, and an MP3 connected to both of my ears.

Suddenly, My History teacher Mrs.Huang come in with a boy next to her. "Introduce yourself" Mrs.Huang ask the boy to introduce himself. During his introduction, I'm not listening to any word. Suddenly, a marker hit my head. "Gosh, It hurts!" I scream. "Jinae, would you mind taking your MP3 off and hat off?!?" Mrs.Huang asked and she seems angry.. "First, It's not a hat, It's a snapback. Second, it's my life and who are you and why you try to rule my life? Third.." "Shhh!I'm calling Myung..." Mrs.Huang declared "Fine" I say. "Chanyeol, you can sit beside Jinae"Mrs.Huang say. Chanyeol directly sit beside me. I don't pay attention on him or neither the lessons. "RING!!" the bell rings. "We are having test next week, make sure you did study, and Jinae, you're just lucky, remember that!" Mrs.Huang said "Whatever" I mouthed her.

I enter my band's practice room, Suho, Kai, and Sehun are there. "Where's Baekhyun and Kyungsoo?" I ask. Just then, Baekhyun enter the room "What's up babe?" he joke. "Not even funny!" I shout. "Where is that D.O guy?" I ask again, "He is with that newbie" answered Baekhyun. We decide to play basketball. We run all along to the court. Suho and Kai are on my team, Baek and Sehun are on the other.

The break ended, I entered the class again. "Why are you sweating so much?" asked the Chanyeol guy. I glared at him with the who-are-you-and-its-not-your-problems look. "Just asking" he say. Mr.Shin the music teacher entered the class. "Today we'll be making songs, and you're doing it in partners". Mr.Shin announce the partners one by one, "D.O oppa please..." I said. "Why do you wanna be with D.O?" ask Chanyeol. Just then, "Song Jinae-Park Chanyeol" "WHY?!?" I shouted in side my brain "Fine, lets do it in my practice room kay?" "ok"answeres Chanyeol

We couldn't finish our song on time, as everyone couldn't finish it too. "Make sure you finish it on Friday" declared Mr.Shin. Chanyeol and I sit beside each other till the school ended. RING!! the last class ended. I directly gathered all my stuffs and shoved it into my bag. I was just about to went out of the class till suddenly someone called my name. It was Chanyeol. "When will we continue our song?" asked him. "Are you free tommorow after school?" I asked. "Yeah" he answered. "Ok, It's tommorow, after school, in the skateboard park!" I said and directly went home.

I arrived at my flat. Myungsoo hasn't come back yet I guess. Myungsoo is my older brother, I and Myungsoo live in this flat, both of our parents didn't want us. Yes, They throw us away! I take a bath and decided to have a sleep. I woke up at 5.30 and directly get ready to work. I work at a cafe as a singer, but I dressed as a boy as always.