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Fan Fiction > Kiddie Love

Kiddie Love

Author : starleen14
Published : 25 Aug 2013, Updated : 09 Sep 2014
Cast : Sungjong Infinite & Ha yi (You)
Tags :
Status : Complete
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Kiddie Love
CHAPTER 1 : Kiddie Love




Where is he? He was supposed to be here already by now! aigoo~ that kid really needs to start handle the time well, means getting on time on appointments. I'm waiting like a dumb bimbo in this garden for almost an hour!!! gaaah!!

I sat down on s nearby bench and start to sip on my Heavenly Blush Yogurt, my love. Argh, im so addicted to this thing! He even called me a yugatarian? Yogurtarian? Or whatever , hahaha. it's cute tho.

"Noona!" I heard a familiar voice calling me from the right said and saw him smiling so ever brightly towards me. He ran to me with a boquet of flowers in his hand. aww.. flowers? so sweet of him~

"Sungjong-ah, finally you're here!" I said and pretend to look mad, crossing my arms infront of my body

"Mianhae mianhae, th-the traf-traffic.... is so bad!" he said while panting. I chuckled at him and he smiled brightly at me again. handed the rose boquet to me, he smile ever so bright almost brighter than the sun (if it's possible)

"Happy birthday Hayi noona," he took out a bouquet of roses behind his back. a smile formed in my lips and i extended my arm to him to take it.

"Thank you," he leans in to hug me tight. I love the smell of his cologne, it feels so fresh .. giving me feelings like ocean-ish like smell (minus the fishy smell of course).

"Hmm... then! should we go now?" Sungjong eyes were sparkling with excitement, i nodded and hold his hand towards my car

"aww~ what a cute brother and sister,!" an old lady said to us when she met us halfway near my car

"A-Ani.. she's not my sister halmoni, she's-!!" I cover my hands over his mouth to shut him up. i don't want the next thing sungjong said to her , will be the old lady's cause of death

"kamsahamnida halmoni," I bowed and smiled perfectly to her and she waved us good bye.

I shook my head and walk again towards my car in the parking lot next to the garden. Sung jong pouting in the way even until he got in the car. I open the driver side and get in too.

"Sung jong-ah,~" i tried to call him but he didn't budge. after putting on his seatbelt he just look straight to the street infront of him. I sighed

"Sung jong-ah, I'm so-"

"Noona, why you still can't say it to people?" He turns to me abruptly with that serious face on him. I thoght i never look at that face anymore after... a-after.....

"Why can't you just say that I'm your husband!!" .... yeah, after that. after he marry me, which is last month. *sighed*

"Look sung jong-ah, i don't want people start to talk behind me. They'll think i'm some kind of a... pervert pedo!" I sighed and turned back to look at the streets. I heard him let out a long sigh

"I thought you love me..." he mumbled and stuck his lower lip. Making his face looks like a desperate fish. There, there he goes again~

"Darling, I love you~"

I turn to him and cuped his face with both of my hands. I can't stand if he started to act like this towards me. he's just too cute to ignore!! ><

"Really?" he starts to pout cutely, which means he is not mad at me anymore. hehe~

"Yes." I nodded and smiled,

he suddenly pulled my hand over his shoulder and leans in to kiss me ever so sweetly. His lips was so soft like a cotton candy.

I pushed him away lightly and broke the kiss, "da-darling, we're going to be late to the theme park!" i said with an awkward laugh and turn on the engine, i glanced at him and he was leaning in the leathered seat covering his face with his arm and chuckling

"Hayi-yah, you're still so shy jagiya~" He said then suddenly grab my free hand and intertwined my fingers with him. I let out a soft smile then drove away to our destination



It started 15 years ago when i was 12 and Sungjong was 4 years old. My father introduces me to him and we got along like brother in sisters but then they suddenly announces the real purpose of getting us closer when I'm about to graduate college and he's 16 years old high school freshman. They (our parents) tell us that we've been engaged since like.. forever!! Of course i like him as a brother first , but not him. He already like me more than a sister, asking me out at 17 and when he's 18, he proposed to me right away. and we've been married for a month now.

but don't make your perverts thoughts wander off everywhere!! I haven't really do anything to him. Well, except those countless kisses , we never did anything more. It feels like, i would violate some rules or getting called as ‘pedo-noona’ if i ever touch him in 'that' way. Ugh, I'm still scared

"Noona, what are you thinking about?" sungjong's melodious voice snapped me out from my own thoughts

"Aniya, it's nothing~"

"Aaah~ tell me tell me tell me tell m-" i shut him up with a one peck in the lips then ran away from him to get us the ticket to enter the theme park. I look behind my shoulders and saw him stomping his way and grining like a dumb boy towards me.

"Here!" I gave him the ticket

"Hehe~ gomawo Hayi-yah," he threw his hands over my shoulder and we both get to the entrance. it always gave me butterflies in my stomach everytime he calls me by my name only

"With a younger brother here miss?" the person who's now checking my ticket in the entrance asked me. I look at sungjong who's in the next to me, getting his ticket checked. and he didn't seem to hear what he asked before

"Yeah, hahaha~" I laugh a bit, the ticketing guy smiled and stamped the back of my hand as a sign. wow, he really is cute~

"I thought a pretty woman like you would go with your boyfriend or something.." the guy said and make me totally blush. Kyu.. Kyuhyun? I read the name on the name tag and was about to answer him before sungjong drag me away from that place to the theme park.

"Sungjong-ah, it hurts!" I pull my hands from his grip

"What? and makes me watch that guy flirt with you noona? no!" he grab me again and drag me to some rides. I just pout at him

"he didn't even flirt with me..." i mumbled but it actually loud enough for sungjong to hear, he scoffed then looking at me

"didn't flirt? noona, are you taking his side? not your own husband!?" he said half screaming. thank god the surrounding around us was pretty noisy. but some people start to look at us, and it makes me looks down.

"Whatever!" i turn my back at him. then suddenly i feel a pair of thin strong hands covered my waist and a head was resting on my shoulder

"don't be too pretty noona, other guys might snatch you away from me then~" he said so close to my cheek. i could feel his hot breath on my cheek and it makes me shiver

"Is it my fault to have a baby face?" i tried to act cute infront of him, looking up at him and blowing the air to my cheeks. Well, he is younger by 7 years but he's definitely a lot taller than me.

Sungjong laughs and peck my cheeks in public, oh no! those people were looking at me. "Okay, okay you win. your face is a gift from god, and the one that i love the most in the world."

he said it sweetly to me. and keep me in his warm embrace while we were queueing for the ride. It makes me smiled and all itchy inside. at a moment, i don't care about what people said around me but want to kiss him hard. but of course i didn't do that because i'm too shy. We went to several rides. from viking boat, roller coaster, free fall, you name it, we rode it. Even bumper cars that was actually for teenagers. but they allowed us anyway. Sungjong will pass as a teenager because he's one, he's 19years old. and me, I'm 24 and those people didn't even notice it! they thought i was 17 or something. hehe, having a baby looking face is sometimes a benefit for me :)

"Noona, wait here okay! I'm gonna buy some ice cream," Sungjong said, i just nodded and wait in a seat under the parasol to cover me from the sun. He's really sweet and caring, thank god my parents set me up with him rather than some jerks that i over with in college and high school. Such a pure soul, pure face, pure heart, i'm affraid to taint him.

(20 mins later)

"gosh, whre is he?" I said as i get up. it's getting too long to just wait for him so i went to the ice cream parlor behind that big tree.

Then i witness him being surrounded by 3 girls. Seems like he was answering some questions and i know, it's not a simple question. he was being seduced by those slutty looking girls. Sungjong is one handsome and cute man, of course he get this a lot. But because he's too kind and soft, he can shoo those sluts off. Sometimes, even me have to be involved, like..... now!

"Sungjong-ah!" I called him, he look at my direction right away, I'm running a bit to him then grab me by his hands then pull him into a one deep kiss, right infront of those bitches.


"Shit! He got a girlfriend already" those girsl were mumbling things like that as I kiss him. I smirked then broke the kiss, watching the sluts go away. I turn my vision to him again and found him looking at me dumbfounded.

"W-what's that f-for....?" he said, the corner of his lips starts to lift up, i smiled and peck him in the lips once again

"Kaja!" I drag him to our last ride of the day, the ferris wheel.

We got into another queue, the park is so packed up today. I saw some girls checking sung jong out but i tightened my grip on his hands. Sungjong chuckled and leaned down to my ear

"Are you jealous jagiya..?" his question makes me blush real hard and i let go of his arms right away

"N-no! I wasn't!" I look away, but he seems want to annoy me so he follows wherever i was lookign at. Ugh, this childish boy~

"Hehehe, you can't lie to me~~~" he pinched my cheeks, yah! it suppposed to be me doing this to him!

"I.. I... I don't care!" I look away again, and his arms were on my shoulders now, holding me tightly to him

"Next one!" the person called us and get us into one place in the ferris wheeel.

I try my best to not looking at him inside the cubicle. He was sitting right accross me, i kne he was staring at my deep red face but i stared to the beautiful view outside instead. Because my heart beat so fast like it would explode any second now. Once i was getting a good glance at him, he caught me looking at him and sat beside me right away

"Y-yah! You should sat there sungjong-ah~"

"No uh, i want to sit here!" He was leaning towards me, i widened my eyes,

"W-what do y-you want Sungjo-" I can't even continue my sentence as his lips crashed with mine with so much power

It was the kiss like never was before. I don’t know how to describe it. It was something that is really close to the limit that I allow myself. I could feel all the butterflies that were dancing inside my stomach. It’s as if he was transferring all his love, his passion and his affection in one strong push. It’s—

GREK! I feel the ferris wheel stop moving and I pushed him right away. right before the attendance open our cubicle.

"Thanks for coming here, the turn is over," She said. I nodded abruptly and cover my neck with my scarf that i always bring in the purse and ran out the cubicle without him.




What are we doing there before...?  KYAAAAAA~~!!

"Yah, Hayi, why are you running away?" Sungjong caught me and turn me to face him. I was at loss of words so my mouth just open and close like a fish gaping for soe water. He laughed at me and hug me

"Are you embarassed by that?" He whispered in my ears, ligly kiss it and makes me yelp softly. I heard him chuckle a bit,

"Y-yes.." i nodded and burry my face on his neck, hugging him tighter.

"Omo jagiya, It makes me sometimes wonder who's the older one here," he snickered, i pinch him in the arm

"Yah! don't be like that~" I pout. he chuckled

"So why are you embarassed by it Hayi? I'm your husband now~ don't be embarrased," sungjong lightly strokign my hear. I pull away a bit so i can see his face. i stuck my lower lip at him

"I feel like... I'm violating you..." i lowered my head. Sungjong trapped my chin with his thumb and fore finger to make me look at him

"Violating me?"  he asked and i nodded, earns another laugh from him and suddenly knocked me on my head with his knuckles “That’s totally ridiculous,”

I pouted as I rubbed my head, tsch.

But then he leans in and whispered, “But you know what…. I still have something more prepared for you back at home and you wont ever forget that, love” he said as he kissed me deeply.

Urrrgh,… What to do?!! ><


-the end-