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Fan Fiction > My Hero Daddy

My Hero Daddy

Author : yosymkds
Published : 05 Nov 2013, Updated : 27 Nov 2013
Cast : Rest of B.A.P members
Tags :
Status : Complete
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My Hero Daddy
CHAPTER 2 : Chapter 1

                Jongup wake up in the morning when he heard his mom calling Youngjae to wake up from under floor. Jongup blinks his eyes several times to adjust his view. Then, he sat up in his bed.

“Youngje-ah! Can you wake up Uppie and Junhongie for me?” Himchan said,
“Yes mom!” Youngjae replied.
When Jongup try to sleep again, he saw his hyung walking in his room,
“Oh, you already wake up, Uppie.” Youngjae ruffled his brother hair,
“Yes hyung,” Jongup smiled and hugs his hyung. Youngjae hugs his dongsaeng back.
“Go to mom now Uppie, I’ll try to wake up Junhongie”

Jongup nodded and release his hugs. Youngjae kiss Jongup at his brow and leave the little boy in his room. Jongup slides his little foot on his favorite slippers, yes his favorite cartoon, pokémon. Jongup walks into their kitchen, still hugs his pokémon dolls in his chest.

                Youngjae open his dongsaeng room Junhong and slowly walks to him. Youngjae smiled  saw his three years old dongsaeng still cutely sleep at his bed with hugs his bear dolls. He sit at Junhong bed and slowly ruffled his dongsaeng hair,

“Junhongie come on wake up, mom calling you for eat breakfast~ mom have cherry tomato for you” Youngjae kiss his dongsaeng at his brow.
“Um chely tomato?” Junhong blinks his eyes several times and looked to his hyung.
“Yes Junhong, come on wake up before Dae hyung eats them” Youngjae teasing his little dongsaeng.
“Uh no~ don’t Dae hyung!” Junhong quickly sat at his bed and open his eyes really wide.
“Okay-okay Dae hyung will not eat your cherry tomato,” Youngjae cradling Junhong and walks down to their kitchen.
“Everyday you  gain your weight huh? You really grow so fast” Youngjae said and kiss Junhong at his chubby cheeks.
“Hyung too, hyung really have big cheeks than Junhongie~” Junhong kiss back to his hyung.
“Aigoo~ my kid really cute in the morning, now go sit down at your chairs and have breakfast together. Okay?” Himchan ruffled Youngjae and Junhong hairs.
“Uppie didn’t cute, Umma?” Jongup looked up to his beautiful mom.
“Oh Uppie, you too of course~” Himchan ruffled Jongup’s hair too.
Daehyun slowly walks in the kitchen and yawning so big,
“Dae isn’t cute too?” Daehyun pouted and act cute to his mother-in-law.
“You too Dae,” Himchan rolled his eyes and do the same thing to Daehyun.
                Now all of them already sit down to their chairs, but not with Yongguk. He still at his room, sleep. Because yesterday (today) he arrived at home around 2 AM, yes he have so much work to do.
Knows their Dad didn’t appear at the kitchen, maknae down from their seats. Junhong have a plan,
“Um Umma, Junhongie and Uppie hyung will go to bathroom for awhile. Can we?” Junhong asked to his mom.
“Okay. Make it fast okay kids” Himchan smiled to them.
Junhong takes his hyung hands and walks together to their parents room’s.
“Hey Junhongie, why we walks to Appa and Umma room’s?” Jongup asked,
“We must wake up Appa, Uppie hyung. Appa still sleeps” Junhong replied.
“Okay. But sssh! We must keep quiet and wake up Appa slowly”
“Hm! Okay hyung! Trust to Junhongie!” He smiled and claps his hands.

                When they arrived to their parents room’s, Yongguk, their Appa still sleep quietly with blankets cover his body.

“Appa looked tired, Junhongie” Jongup said when he look into his dad face’s.
“Yes hyung, should we give Appa kiss attack?” Junhong looked to his hyung.
“Hm call!”,
“One, two, three!” Jongup gave instruction to kiss his dad.

Jongup and Junhong give his attack kiss to their Appa. But they didn’t know if their mom saw them at the door. Himchan leaned his body to the door and smiled looked them.

“Ah Appa come on wake up~” Junhong act like he wants to cry,
“Appa, Appa, come on wake up~” Jongup hugs his dad body tightly.
Yongguk open his eyes slowly and smiled show his gummy smile,
“Ha! Appa already wake up kids” Yongguk kissed his two little son.
“Why so hard to wake up Appa~” Junhong pouted. His eyes likes watery, yes his acts.
“Sorry Junhongie, Appa is tired and need to rest for awhile.” Yongguk smiled, then he saw Himchan’s shadow walks away from the door.
“Then sleeps at home for today Appa. “ Jongup still hugs his dad,
“Appa want too, but Appa have some work to do. If Appa done with works, Appa will back to home fast for rest together to you, kids” Yongguk sat up and cradling Jongup to his lap and Junhong try to piggy back his dad.
“ugh Junhong you really heavy now, baby” Yongguk teasing Junhong and try to stand up with his kids still chilling on him.
“Really Appa? Because Jae hyung said that to Jonhongie” Junhong pouted and rest his head to his back’s dad.
“Oh yes Junhongie. But it good for you baby” Yongguk replied and go down stair.
                “Hi baby~” Himchan give a peck at Yongguk lips when three of them arrived at the kitchen. Daehyun and Youngjae rolled their eyes,
“Hello mom, we still right here.” Youngjae said and rolled his eyes.
“Oh come on kids, it’s called a love. Didn’t you do it too?” Himchan laughing and take Junhong from Yongguk’s back.
“Yeah but not in front of the maknaes” Youngjae chuckled and drink his milk. Daehyun just chuckled hear his mother-in-law said like that. Their checks was so red.
“Okay-okay ends it up guys. Can we have breakfast now?” Yongguk calling them to shut up.

They just nodded knows if not try to shut up their dad will angry. With Jongup still on his lap, Jongup try to get his chocolate milk on the table.

“Uppie, come on sit down at your chair with Junhongie.” Himchan tried to get Jongup.
“No no no, Chanie. It’s okay Uppie sat on with me.” Yongguk replied and smile. Himchan just nodded and smiling back to him. They all eat their breakfast like usual, with laugh and chatting. After they finish breakfast, Youngjae help his mom to wash their dishes. Meanwhile Yongguk and Daehyun watching about sportnews in the livingroom. The maknaes playing their toys at the carpet together when the adults saw a news at the sofa.

                When Yongguk try to entertain his self by watching some news, he remained about his works. He suddenly get up and go to the bathroom for take a bath. Now clock show 8.45 AM. Himchan and Youngjae already done washed when Yongguk enter to the bathroom.

“Mom, me with Dae have some works for graduation days at collage at noon. Maybe will go home late.”  Youngjae said when he get a hugs from Daehyun.
“Okay it’s okay. I’ll take care my little kids for today.” Himchan smiled and take a seat with them. Himchan notice someone missing around him, he can feel it.
“Hi kids, where your daddy going?” Himchan asked to the maknaes but their didn’t reply his mom, even they didn’t looked to their mom. They too busy  to play.
“Maybe he take a bath, mom. Dad look so in hurry when he saw a clock earlier.” Daehyun replied. Himchan sighed hear his son-in-law said it.
                Yes, it’s hurt him. He just wanted together again with Yongguk, and with the children too. But no. Yongguk was so busy. And it’s make Himchan sad and hurt. Youngjae notice if his mom sighed, he take his mom hand and looked to his mom.
“It’s okay mom. Don’t worry, Daddy will be with us together again. He just have so much works to do. Don’t worry, me with Dae and the maknaes will be for you when you need us.” Youngjae smiled, and Daehyun too. Himchan smiled and take his glances to his little kids.
“Dae, what about we get ready now? I won’t get late for today.” Youngjae said when his mom get up and go to his room.
“Okay. Let’s take a bath together, then?” Daehyun smirks,
“Pervert” Youngjae rolled his eyes and they go to the bathroom leaves the maknaes.