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Fan Fiction > Backstage


Published : 03 Nov 2013, Updated : 03 Nov 2013
Cast : Kris, You
Tags :
Status : Ongoing
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CHAPTER 1 : Final


“Concert’s starting in five minutes! Is everything in place?” Your coordinator called out via the walkie-talkie you held in your hand.

You ran over to your side of the stage, did a last minute check and replied, “All set and ready to go!”


You could see him smile from the other side of the stage as he said, “Well then, let’s do this!”


The opening music blasted as the fans roared, the feeling was just ecstatic. You landed a job working for an event planning organization, owned by your cousin. This gig has been the biggest gig so far, the annual K-Pop concert held at your home country. You nearly screamed when your cousin told you that you’ll be working at the venue. As a K-Pop lover, it was a huge honor. The artist list included groups that you knew very well such as Infinite, Mblaq, B.A.P and so on but most of all, your one true K-Pop love was going to perform, Exo.


You have been a fan of Exo ever since their very first teaser came out. Everything about them was just perfect. Working with them seems like a dream come true. Of course you would be running around, sweating, yelling, but it was all worth it. As soon as the concert started you jumped up and down, it was going to be a perfect night. You got to work and made sure that everything was going well. Halfway through the concert your coordinator told you that Exo needed extra water bottles in their make-up room; you immediately smiled as you went to fetch a box filled with water bottles.


As you reached their dressing room you knocked on the door and the manager told you to go in. You nearly dropped the box as soon as you saw the 12 boys. You tried your hardest not to freak out, simply smile, and get out. After putting the box on the center table you bowed to the manager, took another look around and went out. However, a hand stopped you.


“Uh...English?” A voice asked. You turned around to see who it was; it was Kris!


You nodded and he exhaled, “Thank God! Finally! I’ve been trying to communicate with the staff for the past 30 minutes and no one seems to understand me!” He laughed, “Excuse me but I really need to go…find the toilet.” He blushed.


You laughed, “Come, I’ll take you there.” Kris smiled, and then followed you. Your heart was literally bursting every second.


“You’re pretty young to be working as staff? How old are you? Around 16 I’m guessing?” He looked at you.


“I’ll be turning 17 this year.” You smiled, as you looked down, too scared to look at him.


He nodded, “So…you like Exo?” he smiled.


“Yeah. A lot.” You laughed nervously.

He let out a huge grin, “That’s fantastic! Umm…who do you like out of us?” He winked at you; you nearly died.


You smirked, “To be honest it’s kinda hard to pick a bias out of 12 gorgeous men.”


He laughed, “Why thank you, young lady whose name I don’t know.”


“It’s ____” You told him, “But don’t worry, you’re one of my favorite members.”


He clapped his hands, “Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! High-five!”


You laughed, how can someone be so adorable? “So here’s the toilet, I guess I’ll be going now.” You pouted and nearly turned away.


“Wait! Uh…can you wait for me?” He smiled shyly.


You nodded, “I’ll be right here, don’t take too long.” You crossed your arms across your chest. He smiled and went in.


Is this seriously happening right now? I mean come on; you’re actually having a conversation with Kris. THE Kris. Wu Yifan. Nah, you were dreaming. How did you get this lucky?


“Daydreaming?” Kris poked you from the back.


“Oh…huh? You’re done? Good.” Your face flushed as you walked away.


“Eyyy…what were you thinking of?” He poked you once again.


“None of your business.” You stuck your tongue out at him.


“You were thinking about me right?” He shyly stated.


“Exo, not you.” You pointed out.


“Same thing.” He laughed, “You know, you’re kinda…pretty.” He smiled.


You felt your face turn into a tomato, “Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself.”


He smiled and held your hand, was this really happening? Kris, holding your hand…someone needed to shake you back into reality.


“So this is goodbye?” you asked him as you pouted, not wanting to say goodbye.


“For now.” He said as he took his hand away, “I’ll never forget you, ___”


“How do I know that for sure? You’re an idol and we live thousands of miles apart.”


He shrugged then reached his hand out, “Give me your phone.”


You handed him over your phone and he started typing in something, he then called someone, his own phone rang.


“I have your number and you have mine, now you know that I’ll never forget you.” He smiled and rubbed your head.

“Kris I…”


“I promise, I’ll contact you the moment I land in Seoul. If I don’t keep my promise you can give everyone my phone number. But for now, keep it as our little secret.” He held your hand.


You nodded as he pulled you into a hug, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely remember you.”


He pulled away and you looked at him, “I’ll see you soon then?”


He smiled, “I’ll see you soon.” He then went into the make-up room as you both parted ways.


You were in a daze for the rest of the night. When Exo’s name was called you stood patiently at the side of the stage. You handed everyone their microphones and smiled as you gave Kris his. He patted your forehead and mouthed a “thank you” to you as you mouthed back, “No, thank you.”


You watched their performance with a happy face and a happy heart. You couldn’t believe this was happening to you. It saddened you that Exo had to leave the first thing tonight, but you looked forward to Kris contacting you. This could be the start of something huge…something special…with someone special.



The very next morning you woke up to the sound of your phone ringing. The sound gave you a headache. You came home late last night and only got to bed at around 3 in the morning, you weren’t ready to answer a call. However a certain feeling told you that you needed to answer the call. So you sat up straight in your bed and picked up the phone call, without seeing the caller id on the screen.


“Hello?” you answered, groggily.


“Did I wake you up?” the voice replied.


“Yeah sorta…” the voice seemed familiar, “Who is this?”


There was a chuckle at the other side of the phone followed by a distanced voice yelling, “Yah! Kris hyung is doing it!”


Your eyes opened wide as the voice replied, “I kept my promise, didn’t I?”