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Fan Fiction > First Love

First Love

Author : farheey
Published : 31 Oct 2013, Updated : 23 Jun 2014
Cast : Lee Hyunjee (OC), Kris (EXO), Kim Myungsoo / L (Infinite), Hyerim (OC)
Tags :
Status : Ongoing
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First Love
CHAPTER 1 : First Day!

첫 사랑 (First Love)

Chapter 1

1. First Day!

'I can't wait for tomorrow!' Was all she thought of as she tried to fall asleep. She was really excited for tomorrow, even words can’t describe her feelings. The sound of a continuously soft ticking clock which was sitting by the nightstand was all she could hear of until she finally fell asleep. She usually goes to sleep at 10, but she went to sleep earlier tonight, so she would feel a bit fresher than usual for the day she has been waiting for.  

Her phone alarm went on and “Gee” by SNSD was playing, showing 5.30AM. She quickly sat up upright on her bed and turned off the alarm by tapping the “Dismiss” button.

'Today is the day!' She thought as she hopped off her bed and prepared for bath. 

Lee Hyun Jee is her full name. She is the only child of one of the biggest company owner in Korea. She is different from the rest of the teenagers of her age, because she used to go to a private school, always gets everything she wants and needs by just naming it, served by tons of maids, being treated like a princess and some other royally stuff. But she felt like her life was incomplete. She wanted to be more independent, wanted to have a lot of friends, and most of all, she wanted to love. She has never been in love before in her life. And she also has been watching a lot of love dramas, reading love novels, and dreaming to have such a perfect guy who loves her for who she was and care about her just like in the movies. If only she knew that love in a real life is not as perfect as it was in the movie. She decided to move to a public high school in this freshman year, after she begged her mom, of course. Her mom was so protective, she didn't even let her only child goes to the mall all by herself.

Today is the first day she moved there. She was so excited about it. She hoped she could find new friends and find 'the perfect one' for her, hopefully. 

After she took a bath, prepared her school equipment, ate her breakfast, and said goodbye to her mother, she quickly jumped into her car and heaved one heavy breath. Not long after they left the house, the car has finally stopped, "We're here, miss Hyunjee." said one of her body guards. She looked out the window and saw a really huge school building with a really big board which written "Namwon High School”. You could say that the school was one of the most popular schools there is, in Korea. 

“Do you want us to accompany you?” said the other body guard as she turned her gaze away from the building, ‘what? That would be just an embarrassment for me. The point of me moving here is to be independent.’ She thought to herself before turning to her body guard, “Umm, no need. Thanks.” she said as the body guards only nodded.

'C'mon Hyunjee! This is all you've been waiting for!' She thought as she hopped out the car excitedly. She got there a little early so she didn't see any new student there. 'Hmm.. Who will be the first person I meet behind the gate?' She wondered, 'If it was a boy, will I fall in love with him? Love at the first sight?' She continued wondering with a silly smile stuck on her face as she walked towards the main gate. 

"Wow..." She jaw dropped after seeing the actual size of the school building and how tall the main gate was, 'it’s actually much bigger than schools in the movies' she thought as she walked in, still amazed. 

After she took a single straight step ahead with her eyes still darted up at the building, her head bumped into someone's chest. 

"Ouch." The person said as she gasped.

'My first day and I already made myself almost fell to the ground?! Stop being reckless, Hyunjee!' she thought to herself as she gasped in shock even more when she saw the person.