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Author : Pink_Panda15
Published : 09 Jul 2014, Updated : 31 Jul 2014
Cast : Lee Taemin, Son Naeun, Yoon Bora, APink
Tags :
Status : Ongoing
0 Subscribes |8951 Views |1 Loves
CHAPTER 1 : The Introduction

Sub Chapter: Son Naeun

Naeun's POV

* kringgg * * kringgg* * kringgg *

* tock *

I turned off my alarm that I set every day every morning. This is my daily life, waking up in the morning to work until the evening. "Huahh" actually I'm still sleepy, but what can I do, as a vice president, I have to be a good example for subordinates.

I got up from my bed to the bathroom to do my morning ritual. After completing my morning ritual, I wear body lotion for my skin to stay healthy. Then I wore my clothes and take a look at the clock and it said 6 am.

I came out of my room and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast. This is my daily, morning wake up in the morning, shower, breakfast, work, home, sleep.

After finishing my breakfast I went to the office using my car. After arriving at the office, the clock showed 7 am in the morning. "Himnae Naeun-na, you can do it! 'I Encourage myself. Another day to work.

No One's POV

Naeun out of her car and headed toward the elevator to her room. * ting * elevator doors opened and she got into the elevator and pressed the 7th floor. After reached the 7th floor, the way to her room she passed tables of employees. "Fortunately they have not come." Said Naeun. Then she opened his door and .. "HUA!" Shouted Eunji. "AAAKK!!!" Naeun was surprised and yelling. "Yah!! Eunji unnie!! You want to kill me huh?! "Ask Naeun with an angry tone. "Sorry boss, it’s fun to pull a prank on you." Said Eunji.

Naeun's POV

Huh .. annoying. Yes, she's Eunji, my assistant. she was very mischievous. But she's my best friend in the office. Maybe you wondered when I said, ‘Thank God they’re no here yet.’ The reason is because I do not like their stared to me. They always looked at me with a stare. One day ..

* Flashback *

"Naeuna, you have to try hard, because I’m not gonna treat you different from other employees." Today is my first day at the office. I actually do not agree with my father. But I have to make him proud and happy because after all, he is my parents. "Okay dad." I said. "alright, let’s go. I will introduce you to the other staff." My dad brought me out of his room..

"Ladies and gentlemen, Let me introduce your new vice president in this company. Naeun, introduce yourself. " My father said. I take a deep breath and, "Hi * bow *, I’m Naeun, Son Naeun new vice president, pleased to meet you. I will work hard and please take care of me. Thank you. "

"And besides vice president, she’s also my daughter.  So please take care of her." My father said. Argh, my father made ​​me embarrassed. I just smiled when he said that.

* Flashback END*

And since then, all the staff started talking about me from behind. That's why I always come to the office early in the morning as well Eunji unnie my assistant.

"Unnie, what’s my schedule today?" I asked. "Hmmm ... today, your schedule isn’t tight, so you can relax Naeunie." Thank God my schedule isn’t tight. I can relax then. "Oh yea! I almost forgot, there are couple of files for you to sign." Eunji unnie said as she put the files on my desk. "Unnie!!! Can I do it later? I'm still sleepy." I pleaded. "Eii, okay okay, but promise me you will do it later." I held up my thumb and then I rest for a moment.

Lunch Time

"Unnie, I’m going to lunch." I said to Eunji unnie. Then I walked out from my room and as soon as I shut the door of my room, all employees are silent. They like seeing ghost right now.

I started walking and all the stares directed at me. As I walked, I could hear whispers from all over the room. 'God, please strengthen me in dealing this problem.” I prayed.

Walking from my office to get to the elevator its like walking across the world. It felt so long to get there. Finally, I got there and enter the elevator and press the ground floor.

After I reached the ground floor, I walked out and there was a car already waiting in front of the lobby. "Good afternoon Naeun-ah." My driver said. "Good Afternoon Chorong unnie." I said. Yes she is Chorong unnie, one of my best friends too.

"Going Where naeun-ah?" Chorong unnie asked. "To the usual place unnie." I always go to that place for lunch, one of the cafes near my office. "Okay boss!" Said Chorong unnie. "Unnie!! Do not say that. "Unnie I'm begging her to not call me boss.

When I arrived at the cafe, I went and sat at the usual place I sit. It’s near the window. "As always Naeun-ssi?" The waiter said. "Yes, Bomi unnie, and do not talk to me formally."

Anyway, Bomi unnie is my friend, because every time I come here, she always serves me. Then she leave to send the order to the chef.

 "Sigh ..." when my life end? I was very distressed by the situation in the office. They seemed not my employee, but my enemy.

"Naeun-ah, this is your food." Said Bomi-unnie. "Oh! Thank you unnie. "

Bomi's POV

I brought food from the kitchen to Naeun’s table, but she did not notice me presence. It seems like there is something wrong with her. "Naeun-ah, this is your food." I said. "Oh! Thank you unnie. " Then I sat on the chair across from her. "Naeun-ah are you okay?. "

"I’m okay." she said. "don’t lie to me. I know you for a long time, I already considered you as my little sister." Although I’m only a waitress here , I know her. Then she told me everything that happened in the office.

"Patience Naeun-ah. All problems must be a way out. I know what can help you." I said. "What unnie?" She wondered.

Naeun's POV

"Boyfriend." She said. "eii… unnie, you know I’m not interested in relationship, the things that make me happy are make my parents happy and work." I said.

"Ei ... I knew a man that you might like. He’s a customer as well, usually he come here at this time." Shee said as she looked at her watch.

No One's POV

* cringgg * the bell ringing indicating someone at the door enter the cafe.

"Well, it's him." Said Bomi to Naeun. "Aishh, unnie, I told you I’m not interested." She answered while playing her smartphone. "Look at him first Naeun, then talk."

Naeun's POV

When I lifted my head and looked away from my smartphone to the person that unnie pointed,

* pack *

My smartphone fell from my hand. 'God, is that your angle that you sent to the earth?' I thought. "Naeun-ah, shut your mouth, it’s embarrassing." Unnie said. But I could not hear anything, except  the sound of my heart beating fast.

*du geun* *du geun*

After I calmed down, and tidied myself up, "unnie, who is he? 'I asked. "Owww ... So you're now curious about him eh? Earlier you said that you’re not interested in 'LOVE'." She said emphasizing 'Love' word at the end.

"Unnie!" I used my aegyo. No one can say no to me when I use my aegyo. "stop using your aegyo or I won’t help you?" Hahaha, always works: p.

"So he’s Lee Taemin. The owner of one of the leading companies in korea, like your father. But he’s young, around age 26/27  "Owww, so his name is Lee Taemin. "is he has a girlfriend?" I asked curiously. "I don’t know, because he never came here with any woman."

"I wonder why he's here.He's a rich man though." Haven’t you thought about that? "Because in this cafe there’s a person named Yoon Bomi. The most Beautiful women in Korea." She answered proudly. "Bomi!! Serve the table." Shout the manager. "I have to go first, do you want me to introduce you to him?" He asked. "No!" I answered without sound. She just laughed and walked away.

I don’t remember if I had to return to the office if Chorong unnie didn’t come and remind me. "Yah!! You have to go back to the office remember!? Eunji called me and angry to me know!" She said. "Ehehehe, okay - okay, Let’s go." Sigh.. usually I never late go back to office. But now I ‘m late. Sigh.. so this is what they called ‘Fallin in love’. It can make you forget times. Then I say goodbye to the Bomi-unnie, "Bomi unnie, see you tomorrow." I said.

"Naeun-ah, wait!" She came to me and gave me a card. "What is this?” I asked. "A gift for you. Oh! Hi Chorong unnie!" They both also friends like me and Bomi unnie. “Hi! Bbom-ah, don’t be late tonight ok?” asked Chorong unnie. “Ok!”

"Bye" we finally came out of the cafe and back to the office.

in the Office

"Yah!! Did you forget!? You still have work that must be done Naeun-ah!" Shout Eunjie unnie when she entered my room.

"Mian, Mian Eunji unnie. I forgot because I was chat with Bomi unnie." I must lie to Eunji unnie. If she knows that I'm late because I was too focus looking at someone, she can be furious.

"it’s ok. Now do your job." Phew .. she believed it. She is also knew Bomi unnie. I introduced her when I brought her along to eat lunch last week.

2 hours later

"Naeun-ah are you okay?" Eunji unnie said. Huh? There’s something wrong with me? "Yeah, Why?” I asked my asisstant. "Nothing, it just, you’re smiling for like 2 hours or so, and sometimes you laughed by yourself.”  Am I? sigh... “It’s ok unnie, I’m fine.”  

Just thinking about him a smile plastered on my face.”Done!" I said. "Unnie, because of the work already done, is it ok if I go somewhere for a while?" I want to go to Bomi unnie’s café to find more information about him. "Hmmm .. it’s ok, you can go home either if you want.” Eunji unnie said. "Ok, thank you unnie!"

No One's POV

"What's wrong with that woman, she usually does not go anywhere if she’s already in the office." Wonder Eunji.

After Naeun arrived at the café, she went straight to Bomi. "Bomi unnie!" Shouted Naeun calling Bomi. "What’s up Naeun-ah? Ah! I know, haha you definitely want to ask me about the taemin right?" Ask Bomi, laughing. "Unnie, don’t start teasing me!" Said Naeun.

They sat in the usual places Naeun sit and start talking about the Taemin.

Bomi's POV

"did you already see the card that I gave?" I asked. "Oh yes, the card, wait a minute." After she took and saw the cards, "How?" The only word that comes out from her mouth. "Your welcome." I replied. "Yeah, thanks, but How?" She asked curiously. "So ...

* Flashback *

After naeun left, I went to taemin’s table. "Hey, Taemin oppa." I said. "Hey! Bomi-ya! Take a sit. " Actually I and Taemin oppa are friends, because he has become a regular member at this cafe. So I knew him. "Oppa, can you give me your card?" I asked.

"Wae?" he asked. "nothing, just give me the card." I replied. "Eii .. Bomi-ya, I know you, you're a prankster. You want give this card the some random people eh?" Actually it’s ​for my friend but,  "why would i? just give it oppa, come on..” please give iti to me... "if you, * grab his card * pull a prank to me. You’ll regret it Bomi-ya." Finally. "Gomawo oppa. I have to work again, see you later. "

* End of Flashback *

"Ohh!! So you’re friends with him!" Naeun said. "Yes, hahahaha, so, you’re gonna call him?"

Naeun's POV

"I don’t know unnie, I think it’s kind a weird if you call some stranger out of the blue and say ‘saranghae’." I said. "who said you have to say ‘saranghae’? Believe me, call him first."

Should I or shouldn’t I? What do you guys think?

Sigh.. “are you sure?” I asked. I’m very contemplated right now. “Of course, trust me.” She encourages me. You know what? Suck it!

I grabbed my phone, press the number, “0,1,0,7,6,8,2,x,x,x.”


*Tutt* *Tutt* *tuttt* "Hello?"

"Unnie, she answered it!!" I said. "Then talk, talk!" Said Bomi unnie.

Sub Chapter: Lee Taemin

I made it like a conversation.

N: Annyeonghaseyo, is this Lee Taemin?

T: Ne, who’s this?

N: This is Naeun, Son Naeun. Bomi unnie’s friend.

T: Ow, Hi! What’s up?

N: Nothing, Bomi unnie gave me your card, and she said that we should meet up sometimes.

Taemin’s POV

Sigh.. Why I gave my card to her? “Babe?” my GF said. “Hold on a sec.” I said to Naeun. “Yes baby?” I asked. “Who’s that?” she asked. “It’s a friend. Why?”

“Come on, let’s go I have to shopping. You have to accompany me, just hang up the call.” My GF said. “Ok, baby.”

Back to the call.

T: Naeun-ssi, sorry, I have to hang up. We’ll talk later ok?

N: Ok, Bye.

End of the call.

I hung up, and then walked closer to my GF, “Let’s go, where else should we go?” I asked. “, I want to buy body scrub, body lotion first. So my skin will be better and I can be prettier.” My GF said.

“Let’s go to the Shinzu’I Shop, cus I heard, their product is the best. You know, ‘Putih itu Shinzu’I’? Their catch phrase.” Bora said.

 “Ow, that one. Ok, ok. Let’s go, I think I should buy it too, for my mom. Cus my mom’s skin is dry. And she’s running out of body lotion. I should buy her one. And body scrub too.”

“Okay, let’s Go!” then we’re going to the shop.

Ow! I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lee Taemin, 25 years old, in relationship, and the owner of ‘S’ Company. Nice to meet you readers!

I was walking around at the mall, accompany my GF, Yoon Bora. She’s my GF. We’ve been dating for 2 years now. She’s a model, so she’s shopping a lot.

“Babe, I have to be somewhere in 10 minutes, will you be ok If I leave you here alone?” I asked. I should be in the hospital right now and she can’t know about this. “If you leave, who’s gonna pay the bill?”

“Here’s my credit card, I have to go now. See you babe!” then I left her there, and went to hospital.

At The Hospital

“So, am I going better doc?” I asked worriedly. “Your cancer is going better. So you’re fine for now.” The doctor said. Yea, I have a cancer and it’s going better than before, so thank you God.

“Ok, thanks doc.” Then I leave the hospital and call my baby. “Babe, are you still in the mall?” I asked. “No, I’m already at home now.” she said. “Ok, then I’ll go home too, Love you.” I was expecting that she will say Love you too but the reality was…

*tut* *tut* *tut*


Sub Chapter: ChoMi

Chorong’s POV

I already waited her outside of her workplace, but she hasn’t coming out yet. “Where is she?” then I heard a knock at the window. I unlock the door. “What took you so long?” I asked. “Sorry unnie, I have to clean up first. If not, the manager wont let me go home.” Sigh..

“it’s ok.” Bomi is my best friend, and the closest one to me. I met her when I was new in this town. She introduced me to Naeunnie and said that I need a job, and Naeunnie gave me a job as a driver. Thanks to her that I have a job now.

“So where’re we going now?” she asked. “I was thinking about Night Market. You want to go there too?” I asked. “Of course, I’m hungry right now.”

At Night Market

“This Fish cake is so good.” Bomi said. “Yeah, it is. I’m still hungry. Wanna eat something else?” I asked. She nodded, and then we went to other street-side stalls to eat food. Not long after, it’s raining. “Unnie!! It’s raining!! We should go home now!!” Bomi said. “Let’s go!”

We’re so panicked at that moment, until I didn’t realize that I hold her hand while running in to the car. I don’t know where it comes from but, there’s some strange feeling in my stomach.

Bomi’s POV

After we entered the care, unnie started driving to take me home. “Aahh.. My clothes are all wet.” I said. I can be sick right now If I’m not taking a bath soon. “Yah! Me too! So relax.”

After 15 minutes later, we arrived at my house. Then there’s an awkward atmosphere between us. “So.. We’re here.” She said. “Yeah, we are.” And then there’s another awkward silence again. “unnie, you want to come inside first? I can make you a cup of tea to warm up your body.

She thinks for a sec, “Is it ok?” she asked. “Of course, I lived alone here.” I said. “Ok then.” Yeay!! she want to come in. wait, why am I happy about this?

Chorong’s POV

We entered her house then she made us a cup of tea. “It’s nice.” I said. “Yeah, it is.”

Then the rain’s getting heavier. “Unnie, I think you should stay over, the rain is getting heavier.” She said. “Yah! If I stay over here, Naeun will be worried at home.” Yes, I lived with Naeun, cus I’m her private driver. “Just make her a call, she’ll be fine.”

Bomi’s POV

I don’t know why but I feel happy that she’s staying over. And it’s definitely wrong. After she done calling Naeun, “But, where should I sleep?”  What a good question. “Hmm.. I only have one bed, and no couch. You sleep on the bed, I’ll sleep on the floor.” She’s a guest, so she has to be treated nicely. Yea, that is. Not other reason.

Because I lived at a small apartment, so the bed room, the kitchen and the bathroom become one. “I have to take a bath first, can you lend me some clothes and some towel?” she asked. Then I give her what she need, and she asked again shyly, I don’t know why, “Hmm… Bbom-ah, can you lend me some undergarments? Mine was wet because the rain.”


Then I give her what she need. “Is this clean?” she asked again. “of course it’s clean.” I said. “Unnie, you should take a bath first, your face is read like a fresh tomato, hurry!”

Chorong’s POV

I don’t know why but my heart is pounding so hard, when I arrived at the bathroom. after about 20 minutes, I finished my bath and go outside. Right now, only towel covered my body.

Bomi’s POV

While unnie taking a bath, I was waiting outside reading a book. I was too focusing on the book until I didn’t realize she’s already done. Until I heard, “Bbom-ah you can take a bath now.” then I lifted my head up and then I don’t remember what’s going on next because my vision is going black.











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