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Fan Fiction > Nagging


Author : pearl
Published : 15 Aug 2013, Updated : 04 Sep 2014
Cast : D.O (Kyung soo) x OC [You]
Tags :
Status : Complete
0 Subscribes |12022 Views |2 Loves
CHAPTER 1 : --Present--



“Yah! You should stirred it clockwise, not the other! way around or it'll stink!”

“I know~” i answered and sighed.

Fricken bossy owl boy.

“If you know, you won’t do it wrong!” He grabbed the ladle from my hand and started to stir the pudding fla. I scoffed and moved from the stove.

I looked around the messy kitchen to find another thing that I can do to help him finish his cooking. Hmm, chopping the fruits doesn’t seem bad eh? I grabbed the apple and start to peel the skin before I heard Kyungsoo’s gasp coming from where he stood before,

I raised an eyebrow at him, “What?”

“You’re not supposed to peel the skin Eunsoo! Aissh, you’re impossible!” Kyungsoo shook his head and turn off the stove.

“If you can’t do it well, don’t bother to touch it,” he grumbles. I only eyed him up and down, giving him a face, Tsch.

“ —told you before if you can’t then tell me, let me do it all,”

“But I also told you, I’ll help right?” I huffed

“Help?” he snickered as if mocking me, “this is not help. This is you ruining everything—”

What? Ruining everything? Oh no he didn’t…

“Ru-Ruining everything? So, I ruin everything huh.. ” I hit the table so hard until he looked at my fuming face. I was so angry with his words, why did he talk to me like that? Over a goddamn apple?!!!


“Do kyungsoo-sshi! Listen, You’re sister is the one who asked me to come, TO HELP YOU. But you wont even let me touch anything! Other than giving me right instructions to help, you just ignore me and now you yelled at me? I’m trying to help!” I stared daggers at the round eyed boy who stood in shock infront of me

Ugh, i lost it.

lost to my temper. I feel bad as I saw how his face looked like.

I never once said something with a high tone infront of him. I was really careful with the emotion I showed. But he’s being really annoying now and I just want to smack that pretty little head of him till his eyes popped out.

Why's he always nag at me? Aren't the girlfriend supposed to do that? Why it's kinda reversed with us?