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Author : jkvjmsg
Published : 06 Sep 2016, Updated : 06 Sep 2016
Cast : Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook
Tags :
Status : Complete
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CHAPTER 1 : Cafe

it's been a year since jungkook began to spend my free times in this cafe, this place is cozy, and had many delicious menus. he's always sat alone, it's obvious, he doesn't have any close friend to hang out with, yeah, since his school days his already been a loner. it doesn't bother him at all, he really enjoyed my time with those books, snacks, and a cup of coffee. he doesn't like to be in a crowd place, with annoying sound, or any kind of it, he prefered to listen to the silence, or at least if i had to listen a sound, it must have this cafe's playlist.

he think he's not good looking, and he think perhaps that's why no one disturb him, ask for sit beside him or anything else. yeah, he's always all alone.

really, it doesn't matter for jungkook.

but one day, someone came to him..

"excuse me? do you have a pen?" without hesitation, jungkook took his pen from bag and gave it to him. "thanks"

he could see how cute he is, and his heavy voice sounds interesting.

he could remember his voice till the next days.

since that day, jungkook always pray for him to come again to cafe, and talk to him. even if just once, he want it happen again. but untill two weeks later, he didn't show up. jungkook thought, he was just passed by or he wasn't a regullar member in this cafe. so jungkook tried to stop thinking about him, let all his wishes go, and face the reality that he was born to be alone.

even in a crowd he didn't mind to talk to himself, he didn't mind if people think he's crazy. he has no one to talk to, so he doesn't really care to literally talk to himself in public.

and he felt someone was eyeing on him..

another two weeks passed, and jungkook still think of him. for him, it doesn't make sense to remember someone's face and voice when they've just met once, but it happened to him. jungkook missed him, he wanted to see him, he wanna know his name, he wanted to hear that voice again.

ballad songs was on play list that afternoon, not so loud, but the atmosphere was so good. jungkook planned to read a book, and he already had one on his hand, opened, but he was staring at blank.

"hi!" that voice

"hi?" yeah, that voice

"excuse me?" is this a dream..

"jungkook?" he felt a hand landed on his shoulder, and he realized something.

it's him.

jungkook's shocked and fell off of the chair, people look at him and chuckled, but he didn't embarassed, he didn't even care about it. the only thing he care about was just him. him. he was in front of jungkook, offering his hand to help, but jungkook ended up staring at his hand, absent minded. he reached jungkook's hand and without jungkook knowing, he was already on his chair again.

"can i sit here?" he still couldn't believe it, he just nodded. "thanks"

for 5 minutes, there's no sound between them. it's awkward for jungkook, he didn't know what to say.

"my name is taehyung" he said.

taehyung.. taehyung.. taehyung.. jungkook's mind kept repeat his name.

"mine is.."
"jungkook" he cut off. "you have a beautiful name" he smiled widely
"yours too.." jungkook blushed, tried to avoid taehyung's eyes.

silence came again..

"do you always alone?"
"it's been my whole life"
"no reason", "you, what's brings you here?"
"hmm.. coffee?" taehyung tilted his head, and showed a confused face. jungkook chuckled a bit.
"i mean, what's brings you came to me.. and, how could you know my name?"
"oh.. because i think i have to return this pen to jungkook, and i think it's its owners name."
"yeah it's mine.. but it's a month ago, but you're still remember?"
"i always here, sat behind you.", "i'm sorry not return it earlier"
"it's okay.."
"but you've waited quite long.." jungkook choked
"hahaha, i'm kidding" his smile was no joke, jungkook almost fainted because of it. hahaha. but, really, taehyung looks so adorable.. "it's not you who waited for long, it's me.." taehyung said, but his voice is barely audible.

jungkook would like to stop the time, so he could be with taehyung for long time. but that kind of super power only exist in movies or books, and all jungkook can do now is waiting and waiting for his appearance again.

it's still not bother jungkook at all, because he know taehyung will come, and will always come.