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Fan Fiction > Make You Mine

Make You Mine

Author : b2utyshawol19
Published : 25 Sep 2013, Updated : 25 Sep 2013
Cast : Myungsoo, Original Character
Tags :
Status : Complete
0 Subscribes |3010 Views |1 Loves
Make You Mine
CHAPTER 1 : Make You Mine

Untuk mengurangi kesalahpahaman,

fanfiction ini juga ada di web asianfanfiction.com dengan author yg sama :)

Awalnya fanfiction ini tentang artist lain di luar dunia K-Pop

tapi penulis menggantinya / mengolah ulang (remake) fanfiction ini menjadi K-Pop artist version/Infinite version ^^

TERIMA KASIH! Hope you like it! :D




Son Eunhee’s POV:

Eomma! Wakey wakey! I’m gonna late for school!”

I groaned and open my eyes slowly and greeted by my lovely 6 year old son, Lee Kyungwo.

“Okay okay! But come here honey, give eomma a kiss first!” I puckered my lips and he kissed it. I smiled at him and hugged him tight. I’ll never let you go, my dear.

“Now, why don’t you go downstairs and eat breakfast with halmeoni first while I take a shower and get ready?” I said as I put my hands on his cheek.

“But I want to eat with you too!” he pouted. Gosh, why you gotta be look a lot like himKyungwo-ah?

“I’ll be downstairs before you even finished your breakfast, okay? Please? Go eat breakfast with grandma first? Pretty please, honey?” I begged him.

Arasseo,  eomma!” he kissed my cheek and skipped all the way downstairs. I sighed and look at him in awe. He’s all grown up. If only you’re still here, Howon

I haven’t told a thing about me, right? Okay, so, let’s start with my name. My name is Son Eunhee and I’m 27. I know, my son’s last name is Lee. Just like Howon. Lee Howon is my husband… Or was. I decided to just go with my real name now because… I just love him so much it hurts.

He… uhh… died 3 years ago. He died because of Cancer. Since then, I never tried to find a guy for myself. Even though Howon told me to find a guy who can make me happy. But, I just can’t. I still love him so much.

But, you know what? If I keep talking I’d probably gonna be late to take Kyungwo to school. So, just keep reading and find out about me, yourself. I don’t have all day to tell you about myself. Ha.




Annyeong Kyungwo-ah! And be a good boy. Saranghae. I kissed his forehead.

Ne, eommaNado saranghae!” he said as he entered his class.

I sighed and just look around. It seems that every kid were dropped off by both of their parents. I sighed again, I feel like I wasn’t good enough.


Kim Myungsoo’s POV:

Myungsoo-ah? Could you take Bumsoo to school and take him home after? I have a meeting in like, now and at 12. Pretty pleasee? ” My noona, Minji, asked me with hopeful look on her face.

“Of course! I’d love to! Where’s Bumsoo?”

Jinjja?! Thank you so much, Myungsoo-ah! You’re the best! Oh, and he’s on the dining room.” she said as she hugged me.

“You’re welcome. Well, I’m going to get him and leave.”

“Okay! Now, I gotta go, Myungsoojeongmal gomawo!” she yelled as she open her car door.

“It’s no biggie!” I yelled back.

You see, my sister is a business woman. She’s kinda busy. Our parents died in a plane crash. Since then, she insist that I live here with her until I found my soulmateRidiculousBelieve me, I know. Uhm, okay, so, let me introduce myself. My name is Myungsoo. Kim Myungsoo. I’m 27 years old and I don’t have a girlfriend so I absolutely don’t have a wife. I’m single and ready to mingle. Cheesy line~ Well I think I just haven’t found the one yet. I know, I’m lame and forever alone. Lol. Oh, Bumsoo is Minji noona’s son. Minji noona’s husband, Junhyung, is a pilot. That’s why he’s barely home.

I went to the dining room and found Bumsoo playing with his PSP, finished with his breakfast.

“Hey, buddy, ready to go to school?”

“Oh, hi uncle MyungNe! I’m so excited!” he jumped off his chair and took his backpack.

“LEGGO THEN!” I started to run to my car. Bumsoo also ran and laughed all the way to my car. Well, laughing at my childish action.

We sing along all the way to school to every song that played on the radio. And finally we reached Bumsoo’s school. He jumped out of my car, Annyeong, uncle Myung!”

Annyeong Bumsoo-ah!”




It’s 12:20 now and Bumsoo haven’t showed up. I mean, school’s over at 12:00. I’ve waited for 20 minutes now. Every class is over and I didn’t see that boy everywhere. Where is he? I decided to enter the school and just look for him.


Son Eunhee’s POV:

I was talking with Kyungwo at the playground when suddenly a kid bumped into me. I looked down and it was Bumsoo. Kyungwo’s best friend. He looked terrified.

Bumsoo-ah, what’s wrong?” I asked.

Kyungwo put his hand on Bumsoo’s shoulder, Ne, what’s wrong, Bum?”

“I-I j-just s-saw a r-really creepy guy! Then he started to chase me!” I instantly hugged him and sit on the nearest bench.

“Aw, Bumsoo-ah, It’s okay. You’re safe now. We’re gonna protect you, right Kyung?”

“Yes! You don’t have to worry! If he ever bother you again, I’m gonna kick him!”  Kyungwoo said proudly.

Bumsoo giggled, “Thank you.” and hugged us both.

“Your welcome Bumsoo-ah. So, where’s your mom? Or is there someone else who’s going to pick you up?” I asked.

“My uncle. He’s going to take me hom-“

Bumsoo-ah! Where are you?!” A raspy voice called.


Kim Myungsoo’s POV:

Where’s Bumsoo? I started to panic because I didn’t see him anywhere.

Bumsoo-ah! Where are you?!” I yelled.

“Here!” A small voice answered.


I walked to where his voice are and saw the back playground and found him with his friend. And a women. I ran and hugged him, “You got me worried!”

“I’m sorry, I was hiding from this creepy guy! But I’m okay now!” he smiled cheekily.

I look up at the woman and I froze.

She. Is. Freaking. Beautiful.

Is she an Angel who pretend to be a human?

I must have been look like an idiot who stares at her for too long because she just look at me with awkward look on her face. I quickly stand up, “Uh hey, I’m uhh.. I’m…

“Kim Myungsoo!” Trevor said.

“Right, him.” I said, still staring at her.

She laughed then I realized that I just made myself look like a fool.

“I mean, I’m Kim Myungsoo. Yeah… Myungsoo.” I think I should write my name on my palm in case I forgot. I mean, she took my breath away. I can’t even think.

Nice to meet you, Myungsoo-sshi. I’m Son Eunhee, but just call me Eunhee. I’m Kyungwo’s mom.” her angel voice said as she shook my hand.

Wait, what?! Kyungwo’s mom?! She’s a mom?! Of course. I mean, she’s so beautiful. Her husband is so lucky. Okay, what am I thinking?! I just met her for like 5 seconds and I wanted to be with her? Is this what everyone called, love at the first sight?

“Nice to meet you, Eunhee. And please don’t be too formal with me, just call me Myungsoo.” I smiled at her.

She chuckled, “Okay then, Myungsoo. Well, I better get going. I have to visit my friend at hospital. Annyeong Bumsoo-ah, Myungsoo.” She smiled sweetly and walked away.

My jaw dropped and I just stare at her until she’s out of my sight. I can’t believe she left so soon. I instantly feel empty.

“You know, uncle Myung, you should stop staring and close your mouth. Or you’ll catch a fly.” Bumsoo smirked.

“Pshh, I-I’m not s-staring. Pshh.”

“I may be 5 but I know that you like Kyungwo’s eomma. And don’t worry, she’s single.”

I stared at Trevor and widened my eyes, A-ani! I- I don’t like her!”

“Okay, so, what if I told you, that I ran into her on purpose and pretend to be scared of a creepy guy so you two could meet?”

“WHAT?! Okay, who are you exactly? And what have you done to the real Bumsoo?!”

Bumsoo laughed, “It’s me, uncle Myung! I just had this amazing acting skill. Don’t blame me, my mother was an actress when she was a little girl.” he shrugged.

OKAY, I’M MIND-FCKED HERE! He’s just a child! How- Wha- Huh?! But wait, maybe he could help me with this whole Belle thing. And… She’s single?

“Uhmm wait, you said that she’s single. How?” I ask curiously.

“Why you wanna know? I thought you didn’t like her?” Bumsoo smirked.

I rolled my eyes, “I- uh I just wanna know that’s all.”

Bumsoo chuckled, “I don’t believe you Uncle Myung. Give me 1 good reason why should I tell you about that.”

I stared at him and my jaw dropped, “OKAY! AGAIN! WHO ARE YOU?!”

Bumsoo laughed loudly, “I’m Bumsoo! The real one! So, come on! Do you still wanna know? Give me 1 reason. A good one.”

I scratched my neck nervously, “Okay… I mayb- I- uhh I-uhmm-

“You obviously like her! I knew it! I mean almost every single dads in this school like her.”

“Well, of course! She’s beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, cute, nice, down to earth, you name it! AND I ONLY MET HER LIKE 60 SECONDS! And I’m whipped.” I shook my head.

“Hey don’t worry! Maybe I could help you. And maybe Kyungwo too! He also don’t like the fact that his mom is alone.”


He shrugged,”Yup! Since I’m his best friend, he basically told me everything. So, still need my help?” Trevor smiled.

“Uhh yes, but please don’t tell your mom about this, ok? That’d be embarrassing and weird.” I gave him a puppy dog eyes. Not that he will fall for it though.

“Who says that I’m going to tell her? It’s going to be our secret mission.” He smirks.

I sighed and shook my head, “I can’t believe I need a help from 6 year old boys about this.”

“Hey don’t underestimate us! We could be tricky ya know?”

“Okay okay whatever. So tell me, the reason why she’s single? I mean, she obviously have a son…” I trailed off.

“Her husband or Kyungwo’s dad, Lee Howon, died because of Cancer. Since then, she never try to find herself a guy. That’s what Kyungwo told me though.” he shrugged.

I raised on eyebrow, “I don’t have a chance with her then?”

“Try, uncle Myung! Maybe you could open her eyes and made her realized that she can’t be alone all the time.”

“How did you know about this love stuff?” I asked chuckling.

“Let’s just say that sometimes when mom watched romantic movies, I kind of watched it too.”

I rolled my eyes and chuckled, “Of course.”

“Okay, so, when’s the mission start?”

“Up to you kiddo!” I chuckled.

“Tomorrow it is! Oh since me and Kyungwo’s going to help you, you owe us.”

I stared in shock at Bumsoo, “What?!”

“Okay, here’s the deal. We’re going to help you, but in return, you’re going to buy us new stuffs. Deal?”

I rolled my eyes and sighed, “Fine, Deal!” then shook his hand.


Son Eunhee, I know I just met you, but…

I’m going to Make You Mine.